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How does Google Translate help you to writing a blog post?

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Worry about writing a blog in English. Don't know how to write correctly in English. Don't worry, I have the right solution to your problem. Do you know about Google Translate? It is one of the best tools available on the Internet? The best part of Google Translate is that it is totally free.

1. So, here is a tip if you know the Hindi language and wanted to start a blog in English, all you have to do is write a Hindi blog post and copy the command and paste it into Google Translate.

2. Select the language. For example, I wanted to convert my blog post in English, so I choose the English language. Within a microsecond, my blog post is converted into the English language with no Grammarly mistake.

3. The article is written in the English language, and it looks like a pro blogger post. I bet you that your audience can't leave your blog without reading this blog post.

Fact: According to Wikipedia Google Translate supports 109 languages. Google Translate translations 37 languages via photo,32 via voice in conversation mode and 27 via live video imagery in augmented reality mode.

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