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Social Media Marketing Jobs

social media marketing jobs

You got this opportunity for this fantastic social media marketing job, but you are nervous you are stressed out. What can they ask you? What should you prepare? Once something goes wrong, you don't have the right answer. Will you lose the job? Will you get it? There are a lot of question comes in your mind. Here are some tips for answering these questions in the right way.

1. Give the Past Example:

 Look, if you are going for a social media marketing job interview. You can show that you did fantastic stuff in the past. You gonna be better off if you don't have the example of client stuff you have done or something you did for other jobs or other companies well you should consider doing in the short run is creating your own blog. When you create your own blog and start doing experiments, at least you can show that better than nothing else out there.

2. Look at the company you applied to

See how they can improve? Go into the interview belike hey, are you open to suggestions base on what I can see what you're doing what your competitor does. I will be doing it differently. Have you tested these things? If so, what are the results? If you do not shower what they are doing and whats their competitor doing, check out tools like ahref,semrush.

3. What is your experience with social media marketing?

If you can't explain what you have done, whether it is for someone else or whether your own experience, running your own website, you have a tough time getting a job. If you are fresher, then you can say I have no experience. Still, I am passionate about social media marketing. I can know the basics of Digital Marketing from youtube and blogs.

4. What are your Qualifications? How do you learn about social media marketing?

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You need a concrete answer for this type, you wanna focus your qualification should be the jack of all trades. The marketing changes, people don't hire the jack of all trades. They are hiring people who expressly specified in technicians like SEOPPCFacebook advertising, Google Ads. 

In Tech To Facts, we have a whole different group of people that are just Facebook Ads specialists, other people that are just Google Ads specialists. It's Ok being specialized in one field company prefer that. Yes, field specialists person does not do many things, but the thing that they do they can do better than any general person.

You can also ask yourself.

5. What would you do differently in that company? 

If you do not answer this question, then you probably not doing well in your interview with social media marketingIt can't be the general answer it will do SEO, I will do content marketing. You need a specific solution. Your answer is like I will now your competitor blog.

 For example, They are lagging on backlinks and missing H1 tags. With the help of ahref, I will defeat your competitor's blog. That how people seeing you during social media marketing interviews.

6. What social media marketing tools do you use?

How would you deploy them if you got this job? Do give a generic answer like I used Google Analytics everyone uses Google Analytics. You need a definite answer. For example, Google Analytics is the most essential tool everyone uses it but have you guys check the cohort analysis report.

 I found that it's one of the most useful words in Google Analytics. It shows you how many people daily coming back to your website. If the user comes back to your website, you build a strong brand. If they don't, you won't make a stronger brand.

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