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What is a PPC?

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Are you struggling to get traffic on your website then go for the PPC campaign. PPC stands for Pay Per Click. PPC is an  Internet advertising model used to get more traffic from websites.

 The advertiser pays a publisher whenever a visitor clicks on Ads it is also known as CPC(Cost Per Click). The best example of PPC is Google Search ads. In simple words, PPC is used for getting paid traffic(visitors) to your website.

It is a way to buy visitors to your site rather than attract them organically. For example, if we look at the typical search engine page of Google, Bing, and Yahoo the paid ads are always top and usually level the search. The organic result is under in it.

 The PPC ads are always shown on the top and it totally depends upon the keyword that you target for showing your Ads. There are three major platforms for PPC advertisements Google, Yahoo, and Bing. Each of these search engines has its own platform to run PPC Campaigns from.

The average cost of a PPC is $1 and $2. Some as cheap as $0.03 and other than the cost at $50 per click. You can place ads everywhere in the world with the help of social marketing and search engines. This the world of PPC.

Why PPC is important for your website?

what is ppc what is a pppc what is ppc in marketing what is pppc advertising what is ppc in ecnomics

1. Pay Per Click is extremely targeted.
2. It is pretty cost-effective.
3. It is super trackable and you always know which ads driving sales.
4. Paid advertising is very fast to get traffic on your website.
5. It gives your website the attention that it deserves.

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