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How to untimeout someone on Discord?


How to untimeout someone on discord

To untimeout someone on Discord, you must have the appropriate permissions as a moderator or administrator in the server where the timeout occurred. Follow these steps:

1. Access Server Settings:

   - Go to the server where the timeout occurred.

   - Click on the server name at the top of the channel list to open the server menu.

2. Open Server Settings:

   - From the server menu, click on "Server Settings."

3. Go to Moderation:

   - In the Server Settings, select the "Moderation" tab.

4. Review Muted Users:

   - Look for the user who was timed out in the list of muted users.

5. Adjust Timeout Settings:

   - Adjust the timeout settings for the user. This might involve removing their muted or timeout role or adjusting the duration of the timeout.

6. Save Changes:

   - Save the changes you made to the moderation settings.

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