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Triggered Insaan Net Worth, Brother, Real Name


Triggered Insaan, the online persona of Nischay Malhan has gained immense popularity on YouTube. Known for his engaging content, he has carved a niche for himself in the Indian digital landscape.

Nischay Malhan started Triggered Insaan in 2017. Initially, his content focused on gaming, but he later transitioned to reaction videos and commentary, which resonated well with the audience.

Triggered Insaan is recognized for his unique style of presenting content. He combines humor, relatability, and insightful commentary in his videos, making them both entertaining and thought-provoking.

Triggered Insaan real name is Nischay Malhan. Triggered Insaan net worth is estimated to be $2.5 million(20,78,46,625 rupees). He is a multi-millionaire. Triggered Insaan monthly income lies between $53k(44,06,271.60 rupees) to $58.5k(48,21,957.60 rupees). He also earns money through sponsorship and Brand Endorsement. Triggered Insaan brother's is Fukra Insaan

Reaction Videos:

 One of the hallmarks of Triggered Insaan's channel is his reaction videos. Whether reacting to trending content or addressing social issues, his reactions are genuine and often resonate with viewers. Triggered Insaan goes beyond traditional content by delving into societal issues. He uses his platform to raise awareness and initiate discussions on topics ranging from mental health to current affairs.


 Nischay has collaborated with various YouTubers, enhancing the appeal of his channel. Collaborative videos often feature engaging banter and shared perspectives, attracting a wider audience.

Triggered Insaan actively engages with his audience through comments, live streams, and social media platforms. This interactive approach strengthens the connection between the creator and his fans.

Evolution of Content:

Over time, Triggered Insaan's content has evolved to encompass a diverse range of subjects. This adaptability has contributed to the longevity of his channel in the dynamic online content landscape.

Like any popular figure, Triggered Insaan has faced challenges and controversies. Addressing these instances, he maintains transparency with his audience, fostering a sense of trust. Triggered Insaan's content has positively influenced many viewers. His ability to blend entertainment with meaningful discussions has created a space for constructive dialogue and reflection.

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Recognition and Awards:

 Nischay Malhan's contributions to the YouTube community have been recognized through awards and nominations. This acknowledgment reflects the impact he has had on the digital content space. As Triggered Insaan continues to grow, it will be interesting to observe the direction of his content. Whether exploring new formats or addressing emerging issues, his channel's evolution will shape its future.


Triggered Insaan has become a prominent figure in the Indian YouTube scene. With a unique content style, a focus on societal issues, and active fan engagement, Nischay Malhan has created a channel that resonates with a diverse audience, making Triggered Insaan a significant influencer in the digital landscape.

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