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SEO drags behind it an erroneous reputation as a free web marketing channel. This reputation does a disservice and prevents many people from grasping the real issues. Yes, SEO activates organic SEO levers, which are free. But, no, implementing an SEO strategy is not free. It has a price, which varies according to the type of service provider and the missions to be accomplished.

As you may know, at Ad Premier, we advocate an omnichannel approach to digital marketing. And organic referencing is one of the pillars of this approach, as evidenced by our desire to have developed a high-performance SEO agency integrated into our generalist web agency.

Our objective is to offer our clients global expertise to implement coherent actions. We have already told you about our way of integrating SEO into an omnichannel digital strategy. However, to have a real impact, this operational integration must be accompanied by a real budgetary integration in the monthly marketing expenses.

An ambitious SEO necessarily requires regular and in-depth work. It requires time and skill. Of course, all of this comes at a price. But which one?

This is the question that we address in this article, but that we can also address directly with you, in a more individualized way:


  • What is included in an SEO service at Ad Premier?
  • The readiness audits
  • The keyword strategy
  • The deployment of net linking
  • Day-to-day support from a dedicated SEO expert
  • Ad Premier options that can make the difference
  • How much does an SEO service cost?
  • The real question: what is the return on investment of an effective SEO strategy?
  • What deadlines for what results?

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What are the criteria that influence the cost of an SEO service?
  • What are the different types of pricing offered by SEO agencies?
  • What is the average price of an SEO service in France?


What is included in an SEO service at Ad Premier?

Without going into the details of the course of On Page SEO Services at Ad Premier, here are the essential areas of work of all our support in the field of natural referencing.

The readiness audits

Before doing anything, it is essential to lay the foundations of the SEO strategy. Commercial objectives, marketing targets, dedicated resources, preferred channels: each important parameter must be clearly set out upstream to put the operational work on the right track.

For our clients, this is an opportunity to clarify their needs and expectations and to benefit from support that meets them as best as possible. For our SEO experts, it's an opportunity to take ownership of the specifics of clients' businesses, sometimes by exchanging with other members of the Ad Premier team when these clients already trust us with other web marketing levers.

It's about laying the foundations. This does not preclude returning to these foundations later, but the less it is necessary to do so, the less time will be wasted.

The keyword strategy

seo service

Keywords are the raw material that SEO has been working on since SEO existed. Nothing says that this will still be the case in ten years, or even in five years, because Google's AI technologies tend to shift the stakes to the real needs of users more than to the words, they use to express them. But, at present, these keywords remain at the center of natural referencing.

Designing a strategy related to these keywords is therefore essential. This implies in particular identifying queries that bring opportunities, that is to say, queries on which it is both realistic and advantageous to want to position oneself.

We want this strategy to be as ROI-centric as possible. The objective is to pave the way to profitability in the short or medium term. It would not be doing SEO a favor to dissociate it from a return-on-investment requirement.

The deployment of net linking

Along with the creation of content and the technical optimization of sites, net linking is the third pillar of SEO. Concretely, it must make it possible to develop the notoriety of a site by weaving on the web a network of links that point towards this site. This notoriety is crucial to position yourself on certain keywords.

But net linking can also generate a risk of penalty because Google does not like actions aimed at improving the referencing of a site other than by focusing on the quality of the responses that this site offers to its users. Clearly, negotiating "backlinks" despite any natural approach is the best way to displease Google.

Good net linking work must therefore support a real desire to offer quality content. The links obtained must be a consequence of this desire.

Day-to-day support from a dedicated SEO expert

SEO is known to be an acquisition lever that suffers from certain inertia. It would thus be slow to integrate strategic adaptations. But this is still a mistaken reputation because natural referencing can also be a means of meeting short-term needs. He knows how to be scalable when the business environment needs it. It would therefore be a shame not to give it the same regular attention as that given, for example, to SEA or advertising on social networks.

To be sure not to miss this reactive side of SEO and to deploy actions directly related to the current commercial objectives of our customers, our support is provided daily. Our Account Managers are thus permanently available to advise the clients they deal with and adjust the strategic choices according to the needs of the moment.

Ad Premier options that can make the difference

The four axes mentioned above are essential in any SEO service worthy of the name. That said, they are not always enough.

Some clients may, for example, need support in the creation of content, generally in the writing of articles that they do not provide internally and without which it is difficult to generate organic traffic. Other clients may have a one-time or regular need for strategic consulting, either to optimize their entire conversion funnel or to improve one or more stages in particular.

In addition to our purely SEO expertise, we, therefore, provide clients who need it with our expertise in other areas of web marketing. Google Ads, Bing Ads, Social Ads, Community Management, Growth Hacking, e-commerce Coaching, Business Development… Do not hesitate to visit the agency's experts to discover the versatility of our team.

Combining specialties is often the best way to move up a gear!

How much does an SEO service cost?

We have arrived at the question that brings you here: what is the price of an SEO service?

Finally! Do you perhaps think… But, if we took the time to detail the content of the service beforehand, it is because it is important to know what its price really relates to.

At Ad Premier, the price of our SEO services starts at €490/month, to which must be added a launch setup billed at €299.

As you will have understood, we are talking about basic support: audit, keyword strategy, net linking, and monthly reporting at this price. In some cases, this may be sufficient to achieve the objectives allocated to organic acquisition. In other cases, when the competition and/or the opportunities are higher, it is wise to add other stones to the building.

Do not hesitate to ask us for an SEO audit of your own situation to find out which strategy would be appropriate in your case: 

To give you a price range, an SEO service is generally billed between €500 and €2,000 per month, with optional tailor-made services to respond to advanced issues. But, in the end, the question of price is not the most important...

What other Reads?

The real question: what is the return on investment of an effective SEO strategy?

As we told you above, SEO strategies must be centered on ROI. It is because, too often, they are not, that SEO lacks attractiveness in the minds of some entrepreneurs. In fact, in the same way, that we are attentive to the profitability of paid referencing actions, we should be attentive to the profitability of organic referencing actions.

Addressing the issue in this way means immediately better understanding the price of each SEO investment. Between basic support at €490/month and much more comprehensive support that can cost 3 to 5 times more, there is a real difference in the budget invested. But, if done right, there is also a real difference in terms of payoff.

This is not to say that everyone should invest in extremely advanced SEO services. But we must ask ourselves, according to the needs and opportunities of a company at a given moment, what can be the profitability of several natural referencing scenarios, in the short, medium, and long term.

It is therefore necessary to register the strategic reflection on SEO over time.

What deadlines for what results?

SEO is a channel that gives pride of place to cumulative efforts. Perseverance is therefore rewarded. But that doesn't mean that you should refrain from having short-term ROI objectives.

For example, by focusing on “long tail” strategies, it is possible to position yourself in a few months on queries capable of generating qualified traffic and therefore sales. Integrated into a progressive approach to Keyword Research Services, these short-term strategies, therefore, make it possible not to push profitability toward an uncertain future.

But it is also interesting not to neglect this uncertain future and to integrate, from the start of the service, objectives that we know cannot be achieved in the short term. The cumulative efforts to achieve the short-term goals may one day make it possible to achieve these long-term goals.

Ultimately, more than any other digital marketing lever, SEO must constantly juggle different timescales. It must make it possible to integrate close objectives into a horizon of more distant and more vague goals, while still keeping sight of the ROI.

The amount to invest in an SEO strategy must therefore result from this arbitration between the expected returns on the different time scales.

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