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What is Esim?

what is esim

Technological development is ahead of its time. Now travelers need modern hi-tech ways to always stay in touch and access messengers. The main purpose: is to communicate about work or study issues or just chat with friends from anywhere in the world. Being online allows for building routes, calls for cabs and food delivery, and communicating with people on a new level. 

How to achieve this goal? 

Let’s look at 5 tips to help both beginners and seasoned travelers all around the world. 

1. Local operator's SIM cards 

Local operators in Western and Eastern Europe offer various rates of SIM cards for tourist visitors. This option is used by providers who target business travelers or students. Or for specific companies such as transportation, travel agencies, and international entrepreneurs.  

The local card is quite cheap compared to roaming and has the maximum speed of the Internet per day. This card is optional in case you are moving for studying or business affairs. You do not overpay for roaming services. The local cards usually do not support calls and SMS. But now it is not a problem, you can always contact me via messenger.

2. Wi-Fi at local hotels and public places

A free and quick way to see the information you need, connect with your family or take a photo on Instagram. In Europe during the trip Wi-Fi is available almost everywhere. According to research, the countries with the most widespread free Wi-Fi are Germany, Lithuania, Singapore, the Netherlands, Great Britain, and Ireland. In some countries (for example Nordic countries)  you will have to pay a cost of 1-3 euros to connect. 

3. Virtual cards as an international method 

eSIM is a virtual card. It is a kind of digital version of the classic SIM card for data transfer. The phone replaced the microchip, a modern generation of virtual cards. Via this way, you can use the possibility of your operator's cellular data plan and keep all the information inside. 

In case you want to change your phone number or call someone abroad with eSIM Internet, do not buy an additional local SIM card or several at once or even hook up roaming. Thanks to the settings in iOS, and Android, users of virtual cards can do this with an international hi-tech plan. Today Virtual cards for the iOS platform (mostly) are served by mobile operators in Austria, Canada, Hungary, India, Croatia, the Czech Republic, Germany, and the United Kingdom. 

How to connect eSIM?

To use the sim card on an iPhone you just need to choose the data, Install eSIM and get a QR code with the instruction to activate the card. It’s also the way to manage your traffic.

4. Use location sharing app

In case you are traveling far away or just want to share the current location with social media followers, visitors can use travel applications. Usually, they include a map of the area, markings, the nearest hostels, food delivery, and more. This is a convenient offline way to share emotions and make yourself known to the world. 

5. Use the roaming 

Via that method tourists can use the communication service of your home network out of its service area. Having connected this service and left to another country where there is no operator of your own network. Visitors can still use communication services, and your telephone number is kept.

What other Reads?

How to choose the right one?

The fact of choosing directly depends on several factors:

1. Duration of stay in the country. Perhaps you're not just going on a trip, but to work or study abroad for a long time. In that case, think about buying a local or virtual international eSIM card.

2. Expensive or cheap method. In several countries, such as Germany or Luxembourg, cheap methods may not be so cheap. For example, you will have to pay a conditionally free Wi-Fi to connect to the service. All the money does not just go to the operator, but to the tourism taxes of that country.

3. The operating platform (IOS, Android) that can support or does not support operation plans and virtual cards. Apple is actively promoting eSIM technology. In the iPhone family, the first models with support for virtual SIM cards were the iPhone XS, iPhone XS Max, and iPhone XR with iOS 14.5 or newer. 

That is, since 2018, all iPhone models, including modifications of the iPhone Pro, iPhone Mini, and SE of the second generation, also work with virtual SIM cards.

4. The main purpose of using. Calls or chatting.

Depending on the purpose, you can pick up a tariff plan from the operator.  More traffic is required for those who want to be online all the time. However, if you're constantly calling or texting, it's better to use roaming, a low-cost card, or a virtual eSIM card.

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