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Micro Fulfilment Centers



The growth of e-commerce and the rise of online shopping have led to a significant increase in demand for faster and more efficient fulfillment solutions. Over time, micro fulfilment centers (MFCs) have emerged as a powerful solution to meet this demand by providing retailers with a cost-effective and efficient way to fulfill online orders. 

With the ability to locate MFCs in urban areas closer to customers, they can significantly reduce delivery time and costs. As online shopping continues to grow, MFCs are becoming an increasingly important part of the e-commerce fulfillment ecosystem.

What is a micro fulfillment center?

MFC is a small-scale warehouse designed for efficient and cost-effective order fulfillment for online retailers. They are typically located in urban areas, close to their customers, and use advanced technology, such as robotics and automation, to streamline the picking and packing process.

 MFCs are becoming increasingly popular in reducing delivery times and costs while addressing the challenges of last-mile delivery and urban logistics. They can be integrated into existing stores or built as standalone facilities and used for B2C and B2B operations. Overall, MFCs are a promising solution for retailers looking to improve their e-commerce fulfillment capabilities in the age of online shopping.

Why is micro-fulfillment gaining popularity?

There are many good reasons why micro-fulfillment is gaining popularity. First, it's a great way to reduce costs, and you can ship directly from your warehouse rather than paying shipping companies to do it for you, which saves money on transportation and insurance costs. 

Second, it's a great way to accelerate delivery times. Instead of relying on third-party carriers who deliver at their own pace, you can handle the whole process yourself, ensuring that orders reach customers faster than ever. 

Thirdly, micro fulfillment centers allow you to increase profits by selling more products per order and ultimately attracting more customers, who will buy more things from you later!

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The benefits 

  • MFCs are a cost-effective way to improve your business's customer experience, efficiency, and scalability. The benefits of these centers include the following. 
  • Cost savings due to minimized labor costs and operational expenses.
  • Improved customer experience resulted from faster delivery times and increased inventory availability.
  • Improved efficiency through reduced handling time and improved flow of goods between locations/organizations.
  • Greater scalability due to greater flexibility in terms of space or equipment used that can be adjusted according to demand levels at any given time, reducing overheads associated with fixed assets such as warehouses or distribution centers.
  • Increased flexibility because there is no need for long-term leases on warehouse space means less capital tied up in inventory storage facilities, making it easier for businesses that want to start up quickly without tying up large amounts of money. 
  • Secondly, it also makes them more attractive from an investment perspective because they don't have high upfront costs associated with renting premises before opening their doors for business.

How does micro-fulfillment work?

  • When you use micro fulfillment to ship your products, the process works like this:
  • You send your inventory to the warehouse and have it packed for shipping.
  • The warehouse then sends your packages off via USPS or UPS. Depending on their location, they may be able to ship other companies' products as well.
  • Your customers receive their packages within two days of ordering them (or sooner).


Micro fulfillment centers are excellent for retailers looking to expand their operations or start a new business. They can be used by any company that needs to ship products quickly and efficiently, with minimal human interaction involved in the process. With their low cost of entry and minimal investment required on behalf of the merchant, MFCs can help you grow your business while saving money simultaneously. 

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