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How to become an Entrepreneur?


Becoming an entrepreneur is a strange process because it isn’t a job you can apply for or a role you can get promoted to. You must do it all on your own.

Entrepreneurship is about crafting your own unique position in the world from scratch without any specific guidance or qualifications to fall back on. When you start your own business from nothing, this is the nature of the game, and it is what can help you become so handsomely rewarded if your enterprise becomes a success.

However, just because there is no job role marked ‘entrepreneur’ and you can’t go to university to study, it doesn’t mean you should ignore the key skills that almost every successful businessperson possesses. 

To prepare for your career as an entrepreneur, it is a wise idea to cultivate these skills in yourself to ensure you stand the greatest possible chance of success, can stand the pressures of the job, and make life considerably easier for yourself.

For example, having the ability to make decisions quickly is an incredibly important quality for entrepreneurs because it ensures you can keep moving forward at a rapid pace. You should also see the bigger picture, which will help you conjure the greatest business ideas and keep maneuvering into a stronger corporate position.

Furthermore, studying marketing fundamentals, becoming resilient to failure, and understanding basic accounting and finance will all stand you in great stead during your time in the business world.

These are the skills you will need to become an entrepreneur:

You need to learn about accounting and finance

One of the most underrated skills that can massively boost your chances of success as an entrepreneur is a basic understanding of accounting and finance. 

There is a simple reason for this. Business, at its very heart, revolves around the transfer of monetary energy. If you know how to channel, store and use it correctly, you are likely to be extremely successful as an entrepreneur, whereas if you have no real grasp of how money works or what you should do with it to generate further wealth, then you are destined to go round in circles for eternity. 

To begin with, start to learn important concepts like inflation and deflation, compound interest, and even basic accounting procedures like how to invoice. This will help you to make money work for you, rather than against you - which is crucial when seeking investment, trying to allocate budgets, or even when you do find success, and you need to store your wealth properly.

Fast decision-making is key

Being able to make decisions quickly and efficiently, with minimal time needed to go back and forth with your opinions, is a golden quality that almost all successful business people possess.

The reason why quick decision-making is so useful is that it prevents you from losing momentum or failing to grasp opportunities while they are in your lap.

Often, what separates ‘normal’ people from entrepreneurs is that the latter can move quickly, jumping on opportunities and maneuvering themselves quickly to adapt to shifting market trends. 

Of course, this is not to say that you should be reckless in your decision-making. It is vital that you take enough time and have enough information in your possession to make an informed decision. However, you should go with your gut instinct, trust it, and stand by it regardless of the outcome. 

Learn to see the bigger picture

A deep understanding of the bigger picture is another key quality that separates great entrepreneurs from average ones. While knowing the finer details of the market is useful, entrepreneurship is often about sensing how future market trends might unfold, what consumers will want to buy before they know themselves, and adapting themselves to the winds of change.

This big picture view is difficult to teach - it requires a particular way of thinking and a certain perspective on life.  

You should start by paying closer attention to current market trends, which products are successful, and why. You should then turn your attention to the wider world, observing changing consumer trends, current political and sociological tastes, as well as the technological innovations on the horizon.

When you piece together this kaleidoscope of ideas, trends, and beliefs, the bigger picture will begin to emerge. This view can help you anticipate changes you need to make to your businesses, products you need to introduce, and others you need to pull before your rivals pip you to the post.

What other Reads?

Become accustomed to failure

Failure is, unfortunately, a rite of passage on your entrepreneurship journey and should be accepted as such. However, although it is difficult to stomach, failure can be a tremendous teacher, strengthening your resolve and helping you to quickly understand which ideas work and which don’t.

In fact, many successful entrepreneurs treat failure as a gift, allowing them to rapidly improve their skills, evolve their understanding of the market, and test out ideas overnight.

Failure should never become the norm or something you expect to happen, but it should become a reality that you are willing to put up with on your path to success.

Study marketing fundamentals

Great businesspeople are almost always great marketers, too. Everyone from Donald Trump to Steve Jobs, Elon Musk to Richard Branson has mastered the art of self-promotion, turning their businesses into instantly recognizable brands that attract hordes of passionate fans. 

While you don’t have to go to the same lengths as these corporate figures, you should learn the basics of marketing and brand building to help your businesses stand out from the crowd and make it easier for you to attract support for your future ventures.

People want to work with entrepreneurs who demand attention, have a certain gravitas, and can market themselves effectively. It looks good on them and increases the chances of a successful business venture. Therefore, start building your personal brand - even if it means appearing on podcasts, television, radio, or in online blogs.

The more prominent you are, the more opportunities will come your way.

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