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What is Love?

what is love love quotes

 Love is beyond you cannot describe love in one word.  Every day, every minute, every second, human fall in love. In simple words, it is the feeling that describes through words and body parts. Love is also the symbol of God.

 Love brings happiness and joy. Beyond love is the pure form of love. Love is the key to feeling blessed. Love is pure charm. Love is the only way to win the heart of the people. Spread love as much as you can. 

If you do this you can win the whole world. Everything is attached with love. Spend time with your loved one life Is too short. Love is the reason for someone's happiness. Be a lover. There is no language of Love. Love is the cause of freedom. 

Love everyone like it's the last day of your life. Our emotions describe love. If you want to spend your life peacefully then spread love. Your heart is the place of your loved ones. When humans and animals fall in love their life totally changes.  There are so many types of love.

1. Mother Love:

what is love love quotes

Mother Love is the most peaceful, most humble, most respected, most emotional love. It's your mother who fought with everyone for you? A mother always wants your happiness. She is the first person who cares for you? Who worried about you? 

The mother's love is unconditional. When you are in pain she is the first one who cries for you? Your mother is the first person who scarifiers for you? 

No one on this planet sacrifices like a mother. Giving birth is the second most painful thing in the world. Mother's love is priceless. Mother Love is the pure form of love. When we are in pain the first word that we say is maa, mom, mother. 

No one loves you more than your mother. The mother is God. Always respect your mother. My mother is everything for me. I can't describe mother love in words. She is the one who does not eat the food until you are hungry. For your long life, she does fast for you. She always prays for your long life.  

If there is no one with you it's your mother who always stands with you. Everything is small in front of mother love. Be a pride of your mother. Be thankful, be humble, be respect full to your mother. She is the only one who gives you birth. Love your mother spend time with your mother. Without mother, there is no me. Motherlove is the best example of God. 

2. Father Love:

what is love father love

Father Love is the most unsung love. In most cases, a father never tells you that he loves you. The truth is he loves you so much. It is your father who sacrifices his life for your freedom and happiness. It's your father's money that brings food to your table. It's your father's sacrifices that fulfill your all needs. You don't need to worry about money until your father is alive.

 Every person's father is the wealthiest person in the world. Every people left you in your hard time but it's your father who always stays with you. Father always gives good advice to his children. Take your father's advice seriously. He knows what's good for you? 

The father is the key to happiness and money. It's a father who gives you a name? It's your father who brings all the toys from the shop for you? It's your father's sacrifice who brings you everything? 

Your father's hard work pays your school fee. If you are the daughter of your father then you are the luckiest girl in the world. Your fathers love you so much. You are the dearest daughter of your father. The daughter is always the pride of the father.

 Always remember you are daddy little princess. Your dad loves you so much. Be thankful to a father who does everything for your success? He sacrifices his life to fulfill your dreams. 

The father is the backbone of the family. For me, you are the best dad on the earth! Thank you for everything you have done for us.   

3. Brother Love

what is love friendship love

Brotherhood is the one of most trusted loves you ever experienced. It is the goal of friendship. Your friend is like your brothers. You share your personal secrets with your friend. That is the beauty of friendship.

 Spending time with friends is one of the best times of life. If you are facing any problem you should call your friend. 

They are always there for you. Brother love is the true form of love. Your friend never left you until you are married. The friendship still remains after the marriage but you don't spend much time with your friends due to the responsibility of your family. 

Give times your brother in a busy schedule because they are with you when you have nothing. Being with your friend means you don't need to worry about anything. Stop avoiding your friend due to your relationship.

 Your friend is always with you before the relationship and after the relationship. She left you for someone but he is with you because he is your true friend. He cares for you. He fought for you. When you are hungry he shares his food with you. The friend is the true meaning of Brother Love.

 When no one is with you in a tough time he stands for you. A friend is the true meaning of brother love. So enjoy every second of friendship. Pic your friend call or call your friend now. Give time to him in your busy schedule. He is one of the best people you ever meet. Stop avoiding your friend for your girlfriend. Love your friend as much as you can.  

4. Sister Love

what is love love quotes sister love quotes

Sister Love is the sweetest love.  A sister always cares for his brother. Sister fights with her brother for small things but in the end, she loves her brother so much. 

A sister is the only person in the world you can blame for the things you did and get away with it. In your bad time, your sister is always with you. Be your sister's best friend. 

Your sister is always loving you at your worst. When you are ill she cares for you. Your sister is a joy that cannot take away. Your sister defends you always. 

Help your sister to achieve her goal. Forgive your sister. She is with you for some time and after her marriage, you are the first person who misses her most?

So spend quality time with your sister. She brings you happiness. She is said when you are said. She always prayers for you. She always supported you in your bad time. 

Your sister does not take anything from you. Your sister goes to give you all the wealth of her share. Sister does not take anything from the family property. 

Love your sister and always support her dreams. Every year she ties Rakhi in your hand. She always prayers to God for your good wealth and good health. Try to give a gift to your sister without any occasion. She is the special person in your life.

 Feel product if you have a sister. You are coming in the luckiest person in the world. Your sister is your pride. Be thankful to god that you have a loving sister. She is the person who always there for you. 

No matter whole world is against you she is always with you. Love your sister and tell her she is a special person in your life.  

5. Wife Love   

what is love wife quotes

Wife Love is the Love of trust. She loves you more than anything in the world. She always with you. She sacrifices everything for you. She is the one who gives birth to your child. She is the one who spends the whole life with you?

 She is the key to your success. She loves you she cares about you. For you, she fought with everyone. You are incomplete without her. 

Your wife can afford everything but you don't have an affair with anyone else. If you doing this that's broke her apart. Never cheat with your wife. She is your family. Never broke your family. Without her your family is incomplete.

 Marks my words you will never be happy in your life if you cheat on your wife. The relationship is totally based upon trust. Never broke that trust. She is the person behind your success. If you broke that trust you never regain it back. 

She is the one who saves the money? She is the one who controls you from doing wrong? She is the mother of your children. She gave you her soul, body, life, time, money, children.

 The only thing she accepts from you is love and respect. So always respect your wife. Always support your wife. Your wife is the foundation of your family. Your wife fasts for you're long life. Wife love is priceless. Your wife is your best friend.

 You can share all your secrets with your wife. Be a lover and tell your wife how much you love her? How special is your wife for you? She is the most special person in your life. Say you wife I Love You. Thank you for coming into my life. 

6. Husband Love

what is love husband love quotes

Husband love is one of the most caring love. A true husband loves his wife more than anything else. A true husband always respects his wife. A true husband never left alone his wife. He also supports his wife. He knows the value of a wife.

 A true husband never cheated on his wife. He always worries about his wife. He tries to spend his maximum time with his wife. He knows the value of his wife. He spends his maximum money on his wife's happiness.

 A true husband always loyal to his wife and expect the same thing from his life. Husband gives everything to his wife. He gives his heart, soul, money, body, children to his wife. A true husband can do anything for his wife. He knows that he is incomplete without his wife. 

A true husband always respects his wife and always stands with his wife in every situation of life. A husband knows the value of his wife. He tells his secrets to his wife. A true husband always loyal to his wife. The husband can sacrifice everything for his wife and children. He sacrifices his freedom, his time, his happiness for his wife and children.

The only thing husband accepts from his wife is true love and respect for his parents. A true husband gives time to his family. Husband always protect his wife in any faith of life. Husband love is the pride of his wife.   

7. Girlfriend Love 

what is love girlfriend love girlfriend love quotes

Girlfriend Love is the first love that you feel. Girlfriend love is always special. Every moment, every minute, every second of life is enjoyable when you are with your girlfriend. The first time when you kiss your girlfriend is the best feeling in life. 

The first love bite is always special. You never forget that feeling till the end of your life. Are you agree with me? Yes, I am asking you? Command don't tell me you don't kiss your girlfriend. If you don't kiss your girlfriend then do it and feel the first byte of love. Girlfriend love is very emotional. 

When she gives you her privacy you should keep it private. Don't share it with your friends. She trusts you. Never- Ever use your girlfriend. Never play with your girlfriend's feelings. Never blackmail your girlfriend for that private movement. She loves you and the bottom of her heart. 

She does everything for you. The only thing she is asking for is never to leave her alone. When a girl falling in true love she wants to marry you on any condition. She cares for you. She fought for you. She loves you that's why she gives you her privacy? She shares every feeling with you. She sees the whole world in you.

If a girl falling in true love she always says sorry to you. No matter if it's your fault. When you switch off your phone she still to calling you and only wanted to talk with you. She always tells you how much she loves you? She sends you an SMS again and again. No matter how much you avoid her. She does it all day long and night also.

 She always wanted to talk with you. So don't ignore her. The only thing she wanted is your love. She fell special when you hold her hand. She is the one who always wanted to stay with you? A girlfriend never gives her privacy to you for her own happiness.

 She gives it to you because she loves you, she trusts you. So never broke that trust. Stop harming her start loving her. She is not the thing she is your love. So always respect your girlfriend and her felling. Don't use her for your lust. She is not a piece of crap. If you still using her or playing with her feelings then wait for your bad time. Always remember What goes around comes around?  

She is a human being who loves you so much? She gives you her body, her soul, her heart. So stop playing with her felling. Don't be bull shit. Love her, stay with her and most importantly marry her. She is the one who left everything for you. 

One more thing never put your hand on her, never abuse her, never abuse her family. Don't take advantage of her love. If you still do that you are an ass hole and a piece of crab. Be a good lover and always take care of her because she is your responsibility. Marry her and bring a simple on her face. She is your girlfriend she loves you so much.    

8. Boyfriend Love

what is love boyfriend love  quotes

Boyfriend love is like child love. Boyfriend love is very innocent love. He loves you at the bottom of his heart. He knows how important are you? He knows the value of his girlfriend. He can't live without her. He never cries but he cries for his girlfriend. A true boyfriend always respects his girlfriend.

 He always hugs her. He always listens to his girlfriend. He fought for her with everyone who comes in his way. The time he spends with his girlfriend is the most valuable time of his life. He enjoys every second of it. He always cares about his girlfriend.

 He tells his girlfriend that he wanted to kiss her. Then he kisses her girlfriend. He tells her how much he loves her. A true boyfriend who falling in true love with his girlfriend? Never forces his girlfriend to give him her privacy. He never forces her to do private things.  He always respects her privacy. He never clicks her private photo. He never shows their private moments with his friends. 

A true boyfriend is merry with his girlfriend. He always trusts his girlfriend because he knows how much he loves her? A true lover never cheats on his girlfriend. The only thing he wants from his girlfriend his loyalty. A true lover never abuses his girlfriend. 

He stops talking with other girls about his girlfriend. He wants no one but her. He goes with her for a long drive. He always celebrates her birthday with full joy and love. A true lover never forgot the date of the relationship. He always spends that day and remembers those special movements.

 A true lover gives his soul, body, heart, money to his girlfriend. The only thing he wants is to hold her hand forever. Every day his heart tells him that he misses her. He loves her so much and can't live without her. A true lover can tolerate everything but do not be deceived in love.

9. One-Sided Love

what is love love quotes one side love

One-sided love is the love of emotions. It is the love of caring. Nobody replaces this love. You know that you are not with her/him. You still thinking about her/him. You know that he/she is already committed but still, you love that person at the bottom of your heart. 

You want to talk with that person. You want to tell her/him how much you love her/him? You want to hold that person's hand forever but that's is only your thought because if it converts it into the reality you will pay the price.  

So, for spending time with her/him you wait for her/his breakup. The only thing you wanted at that time is her/his breakup. No matter how much you involve in that breakup? You want her/him at any cost. Many people do these things and they get what they want? They are the most clever and smart people.

Have you ever done this? Yes, I am asking you. If yes then a big thumbs up for you. My friend, you are a genius in your point of view but I tell you a secret never-ever interfere in any relationship. No matter how much you love that person? You have no right to go into that person's life. 

Do not give others the pain you cannot bear yourself.(Akshay Akky)

If someway that person know that you love her/him and then he/she starts talking with you. On another side, he /she is also in a relationship. He/She starting spending time with you and you are happy that at least you get to spend some quality time with that person. Is that your story?

Yes, I am asking you. If yes then my friend you are in huge trouble. Now you might think I'm joking but my friend I am very serious. I don't want you to make the same mistake I do. You know love is blind. You love that person so much but the person you love is in a relationship with someone else. 

You know this, yet you like to spend most of your time with that person. You need to stop right now. You are risking your life. The person you love is in a relationship with someone else and still has spent the time with you. Then my friend the person is playing with your felling.

 The person you love hurts you the most. Don't be a puppet. Stay away from such people. I know it's hard for you but you have to do this. If you don't do it then you have to regret your whole life. You can't blame anyone for this. 

 Nobody invited you. You went with your wish in the life of a person who was already in a relationship with someone else. Save yourself and other life. Otherwise, the whole life will have to pass with such pain that there is no end. These things will stop you from achieving your life goals.

 Whenever you think of doing something big, these things will be the first obstacle in your life. You will yearn for a person who was never yours. To ease that pain, you will have to resort to someone else's life and you will play with the feelings of that person. Later that person will hurt someone else's feelings to reduce their pain. It will go on and on. I am writing this from my experience.    


 Every type of Love has its own need. Every type of love is essential. We share some types of love. Mother Love, Father Love, Brother Love, Sister Love but we don't share Husband Love, Wife Love, Girlfriend Love, Boyfriend Love, One-Sided Love with others person because there are some limitations in those relationships. 

If a mother/father has two children they love both children equally. They share their love for them. The same thing happens in the brother and sister love case but when we are talking about husband/wife, gf/bf, and one-sided love they don't share the love with anyone else except themselves.           

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