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17 Facts about kissing

facts about kissing

A kiss is the first bite of love. There are many types of kisses, but the kisses we probably have known are girlfriend and boyfriend, husband and wife. The most famous and most common kiss is a french kiss.

Do you remember your first kiss? Yes, I am asking you. The first kiss is always special. Are you ready for a good time? Who you want to kiss? Write the name in the comment.

17 Facts about kissing:

facts about kissing

1. Kissing is a pain killer mentally, emotionally, and physically.

2. When someone stares at your lips during the conversation, that person desires to kiss you!

3. Kissing lowers a woman's risk of suffering from depression.

4. You can find your lover's lips even in complete darkness because specific neurons in the brain aid to do so.

5. While kissing, 96% of men and women occasionally like to rub their nose.

6. Men, more than women, use kissing in an attempt to end fights.

7. On average, a person spends 14 days of his life on kissing.

8. Psychopaths are more likely to kiss with their eyes wide open.

9. The anticipation of a kiss increases the flow of saliva to the mouth, giving the teeth a plaque-dispersing bath.

10. 10% of the world population does not kiss.

11. When two people kiss, they exchange between 10 million and 1 billion bacteria.

12. 66% of people tilt their heads to the right when kissing.

13.72% of people had their first kiss at the age of 15-24 years.

14. Do you know 29 muscles and chemicals, causing relaxation during kissing?

15. A two minutes kiss burns 56 calories, and a one-minute kiss burns 26 calories.

16. During kissing, your heart beats faster and pumps more oxygen to your brain.

17. For reducing pain, a kiss can be 10 times more effective than morphine in reducing pain.  

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