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Top popular websites with crazy startup.

Top popular websites with crazy startup.

People can use Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, Wikipedia, WhatsApp, Amazon, and many more websites. Do you know how these websites start? Maximum people don't know these things. The popular site that we know today, starting from different concepts.


Top popular websites with crazy startup.

YouTube is starting as a dating site. This site is specially made to meet future husband-wife. If we talk about today's YouTube site, you can find everything in the form of a video on YouTube. Do you know when youtube is made for those persons who wanted to upload such videos like what they want in their future husband or wife?

At that time, the tagline of YouTube is TuneIn Hookup, but people do not like this concept at that time, so the founder of YouTube decided to change the video concept. Now people can upload any kind of video on YouTube, and the rest has become history.


Top popular websites with crazy startup.

In the whole world, the most used messenger WhatsApp is starting from a different concept. Jan Koum and Brian Acton, when launched the first version of WhatsApp they do not know that they create a messaging app. They wanted to create an app that gives the update of status with people's names. The idea is straightforward what man is showing to people, for example, playing football, the battery is about to die. The name of WhatsApp is taken from the word What's Up.


Top popular websites with crazy startup.

Instagram is one of the most popular social media apps. Instagram starts differently. First, Instagram is known as Bourbon. The Bourbon word comes from bourbon whiskey, whereas it's was liked by the founder Kevin Systrom. He made this site for checking for anywhere globally, and he also gives the feature to share the picture after check-in.

Unfortunately, Bourbon is comprehensively failed, but Kevin Systrom notices that people are interested in the feature of sharing a photo. After that, Bourbon is changed from Instagram, and we all know what's happening next.


Top popular websites with crazy startup.

Do you know Facebook is starting from the concept comparison between two people who is more beautiful and hot? On 28 October 2003, beginning a site named Facemash. The exciting thing is for getting more users in Facemash Mark Zuckerberg hacked the Harvard university database, and he took student photos and post it on his website. When Harvard university management knows this, then they shut down the Facemash website.

On 4 February 2004, Mark Zuckerberg comes with another site The Facebook, and the rest will become history.


Top popular websites with crazy startup.

The social networking site Twitter starts from some different concepts. In creating time, Twitter is an SMS-based platform. This model does not work correctly because for active in this platform, users give charge when they send SMS.  In the beta test, the developer knows that due to SMS, the phone bills of people are very high, then Jack Dorsey and his teammate close the SMS model and convert it into a web-based service, and after that, we all know the result.


Top popular websites with crazy startup.

All type of information around the world is available on Wikipedia. The best part of this website is it is free. Wikipedia is entirely dependent upon donations. At the starting time, Wikipedia has shown a lot of Advertisements. Jimmy Wales and Larry Sanger started Wikipedia, but when Larry decided to leave this website, then Jimmy decided to free Wikipedia. If someone is interested in helping him, then they help him as a donation. 

After this decision, Wikipedia becomes a nonprofit organization, and the domain of Wikipedia changes from .com to .org. 


Top popular websites with crazy startup.

Everybody knows about Amazon. If we talking about online shopping first thing that is in our mind is Amazon. Do you know: in 1995, Amazon is starting as selling books only, and till 1998 only books are selling on Amazon. After that, Jeff Bezos change his idea for getting more profit, and he added many things on his website, and we all what happen next.


Top popular websites with crazy startup.

This is the biggest website for providing stock photography and stock footage. On the Shutterstock website, you can get more than 30000000 photos, and videos are available.

  Jon Oringer is the founder of Shutterstock. The concept of developing this website is different. The website is specially designed to put a photo you took on the website and sell these photos at a low price. 

Within 1 year, he uploaded more than 30000 photos on his website. He is the only person who works on the Shutterstock website. Day by day, the website is viral.

 After opening his office in New York, they made this website a global community where anybody uploaded the photo that he clicked on his own and uploaded on this website to start earning money. This website offers its service in more than 150 + countries.

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