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How to switch Facebook accounts?

How to switch Facebook accounts?

Facebook is constantly getting stricter about multi-accounting. If a few years ago it was possible to run multiple profiles on this service without issues, today it should be done carefully, and even in that case, there is still a high chance of getting banned. 

This situation is especially relevant for marketers. They have to create advertising campaigns with multiple accounts to test various strategies and most often this leads to the blockage of those profiles. But it is no longer needed to worry about this issue and always search for people who will provide you with their mobile phone numbers for registration. You can buy an online phone number in bulk and create as many accounts as needed for any purpose within minutes.

Is it allowed to have multiple accounts on Facebook?

This question makes to worry a lot of people who for some reason would like to register and run several profiles on Facebook. In fact, though, there is nothing to worry about. Facebook doesn't prohibit one person to operate multiple accounts unless they are used to perform actions that go against the rules of the platform. Basically, every user can operate as many profiles as possible depending on needs and capabilities.

However, once again, using them in a way that goes against the terms of use is not a good idea. You cannot use multiple accounts to fraud other users, run advertising campaigns about restricted stuff, and so on. In this case, every account involved will get blocked immediately. So, before registering those accounts it is important to make sure that you are not going to do anything prohibited.

How do online numbers help with this?

It is not mandatory to verify your mobile phone number when signing up for Facebook. But like in the case of Gmail, once it comes to creating multiple accounts, the platform starts requiring users to complete verification. 

One phone number can be used to verify only one account and this is less likely for a regular person to have enough numbers to create at least ten accounts at this point. You may ask friends and relatives to provide you with their mobile phone numbers for this purpose. But they are more likely to use Facebook too and already have them activated. Even if not, this is still not enough.

Online numbers solve this issue completely. You can use them in unlimited quantities and thus create unlimited accounts on Facebook. There are no limitations at all. Moreover, using one or a hundred numbers makes no difference. You still won't have to do anything special or get some sort of permission even if going to use thousands of online phone numbers. It's all only about completing simple registration on providing platform.

What other Reads?

Platform to get online numbers

Online phone numbers can be obtained via multiple platforms. However, like in the case of other businesses, some players are just better than others. For example, a platform for SMS verification called SMS-Man. 

This company has been providing online numbers for many years and at this moment offers users all the advantages such platforms can provide: a wide range of country dialing codes, many supported online services, and low prices. Follow the instructions below to use it for what it exists:

1. Create an account on the pointed-out service.

2. Verify the registered profile and log in to the website.

3. Top up your balance through a suitable payment system.

4. Get back to the homepage and select the country of origin of online phone numbers as well as Facebook on a tab with supported internet recourses located down the page.

5. Click the purchase button once or multiple times depending on how many online numbers you would like to get.

Everything there to do after reaching that point is to use received numbers to create Facebook accounts in the same way as regular mobile phone numbers. Just keep in mind that every online number is active only 20 minutes after purchase. So it is not recommended to purchase a lot of numbers at once as some of them may become inactive. But even if this happens, there is nothing to worry about. You will automatically get a full refund for them.

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