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What is sms verification?

What is sms verification

Online apps are constantly improving their security systems and adding new features almost every day. Furthermore, new internet restrictions are appearing. In light of the foregoing, many internet users have encountered a variety of issues, including the inability to sign up for certain applications because the countries from which their phone numbers originate are simply unsupported by certain platforms. 

To be honest, this is a major issue. However, it is simple to solve with the help of virtual phone numbers for SMS verification.

Registration on all apps

There is no difference in the use of virtual numbers regardless of the app. It also makes no difference whether it is accessed either via browser or mobile as well as computer software. To summarize, virtual phone numbers can be used to sign up for:

  • Social networks;
  • Email services;
  • Instant messaging apps;
  • Online stores and marketplaces;
  • Taxi, food delivery, and other platforms.

The most important aspect is that the app for which the user wishes to register allows for the creation of an account using a mobile phone number. It works in the same way that WhatsApp, Uber, Foodpanda, and other similar services do. Then all that remains is to use a virtual number as if it were a real one.

Unlimited usage for each user

Buying more than one SIM card is a difficult task for the average person. In addition, it is more likely that going this way will make you spend a good amount of money. There is no such thing when using virtual phone numbers. You can obtain and use them in infinite quantities which are limited only by your financial resources and goals.

It means that there is nothing wrong with using them to create multiple accounts on different apps to separate personal life from work, promote business more efficiently, or complete other tasks. There are numerous benefits to taking advantage of such an opportunity.

You can also use virtual numbers to sign up for different services multiple times and receive special offers and discounts for newcomers over and over. If not used for illegal purposes, such an approach is not restricted and does not violate the law.

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Using the SMS verification service

Obtaining a virtual phone number is literally a piece of cake these days. SMS-Man, a well-known SMS activator, allows everyone to deal with this task online in a matter of minutes. There is no need to provide any personal information other than your email address which also can be a burner one in order to ensure your privacy. 

But even this is not mandatory as you can also register with a social network account. Here is a quick guide on what exactly to do to take advantage of virtual numbers with this service:

1. Proceed to sms-man.com and sign up for a profile. You can do this in multiple ways so it shouldn’t be an issue.

2. Open the recharge page, select a convenient payment method and top up your balance with it.

3. Choose the country dialing code of the virtual phone number on the main page of the service.

4. Scroll the page to the services section and select the app from which you want to receive the verification code.

5. Purchase a virtual number.

Now just use the received number as the verification method when signing up for the chosen app. After sending the confirmation code, return to SMS-Man and click "Get SMS" to see the code for verifying the phone number and creating an account.

Is there anything difficult here? This option is open to everyone, regardless of social status, financial means, or, most importantly, location. Moreover, such a feature as virtual phone numbers is available twenty-four hours a day. So there is no need to be concerned about being unable to use it while away from home due to traveling or other reasons.

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