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What is Microsoft Azure?

what is microsoft azure

Microsoft is a leading digital solution provider to individuals, businesses, and organizations. The latest Microsoft e-commerce platform, known as Dynamic 365, has many solutions for businesses that want an online presence to list their products and services online, connect with buyers, market and advertise their products, as well as process payments.

Microsoft Azure is a cloud computing service for application management via Microsoft-managed data centers. However, there are many e-commerce platforms on the market that use Microsoft .NET programming that enables customers to build customizable pages through pre-existing themes and perform many other tasks to take their businesses to the next level with ease.

So, do you want to know the capabilities of a Microsoft e-commerce platform? This article is for you.

Helps to Build and Customize a Business Website

Whether you have existing e-commerce or want to build your operation right now, a Microsoft e-commerce platform will help you customize it through powerful tools and themes. According to Microsoft, your best tools include a product details page, search bar, and header and footers.

In addition to these, there are more options for both B2B and B2C businesses to make a customized e-commerce website with an impressive user experience.

Assists in Promoting Your Brand

Marketing and promoting an e-commerce business is a top priority. Otherwise, customers will not see your products and buy them. If you want to have a brand that is known across the globe, you need a Microsoft e-commerce platform that solves it all, including brand promotion and marketing.

Virto Commerce is a Microsoft .Net B2B platform that helps you customize your website and promote it across many channels. This or any other like it is what you need to increase the online visibility of your business.

A Microsoft E-Commerce Platform Improves Data Access

Data is everything in the current digital world. You need it to understand your online business, competitors, and everything affecting your business. With a Microsoft e-commerce platform, it is easy to access data from cloud storage and use available tools to analyze it.

Whether you want to know how many clients you currently have, the sales you have made so far, or any other information, these platforms are good at storing a wide variety of data for access.

What other Reads?

Lets You Scale Up

Would you like to grow your business? You need a solution that grows with you without becoming obsolete. A Microsoft e-commerce platform is a cloud-based platform that keeps getting better, gives you ample space to save your data and run your business, and supports you in growing.

With strong data security, the Microsoft e-commerce platform will never compromise your data. So, this is the best solution you need to scale up.

A Microsoft E-Commerce Platform Is Cost-Effective

Many businesses are struggling financially or need every penny for other operations. Hence, using a Microsoft e-commerce platform that is cost-effective is a prudent idea for your business.

Fortunately, purchasing such software is not expensive. When looking for the best Microsoft e-commerce platform to adopt in your business, get one with the best value for the money.


Do you need a Microsoft e-commerce platform that will enable you to enjoy all the above capabilities? Then, you must choose well. Fortunately, many will help you achieve this. All you need is time to research or get a recommendation.

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