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Best Apps to Manage Your Time Well on YouTube


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YouTube is the largest video-sharing platform in the world that comes with content related to fashion, food, music, movies, politics, and much more. The app has a powerful algorithm that keeps on suggesting related videos to viewers. For the BrighterGuide you can see youtube videos in detail.   As a result, they keep on watching videos and waste hours on end. For students and professionals alike, it is necessary to limit their watch time to be more productive.

Unlike TV shows, like the ones on Spectrum cable, YouTube is home to videos of both short and long durations. With a single click, you can hop on to the next video. Thanks to technology, you can use certain apps to stop wasting time on YouTube and block most of its features that can easily distract you. Find out about these apps in the following passages. 


Unhook is one of the best extensions to disable most of the distractions from YouTube. It comes with many features to enhance your productivity. You can add this extension to both Chrome and Firefox. Use it to hide the homepage feed on YouTube. This will allow you to avoid falling prey to clickbait content. Similarly, you can hide the sidebar to avoid seeing recommended videos and playlists while you’re watching an important purposeful video. 

You can also use it to remove the comments below a video. You can also use Unhook to disable the autoplay feature. The extension comes in handy in disabling many other features too. It will allow you to watch a video of interest and then go back to what you were doing before. You can also use the quick turn on/off feature to have a glance at the comments below a video. 

 YT Scribe 

YT Scribe is another powerful website that will help you to limit your watch time on YouTube. As the name implies, you can use YT Scribe to create a transcript of any video on YouTube. This tool comes in quite handy when you are interested in watching a long video but unsure about the quality of the content inside.

 In such a case, simply copy the video URL of the video and paste it into the search bar on YT Scribe. In a few moments, you’ll be able to read through the script of the video. If the content is interesting and matches what you’re looking for, you can watch the video. Otherwise, you can check out other videos on the platform. 

 Clickbait Remover 

Clickbait Remover is a very good tool for Chrome and Firefox. It helps to remove the clickbait thumbnails present on YouTube videos. Instead, it shows you the real content of videos instead of thumbnails. This, as a result, helps users to see what the video is about. 

You can customize settings to see the start, middle, or later parts of videos. Another key feature of the tool is its ability to convert uppercase titles into lowercase ones. This helps to enhance the readability of the content as well. 

 YouTube Time

YouTube Time is a powerful Chrome extension that will allow you to set time limits while using YouTbe. The extension comes with many flexible customization options. You can set times limits daily. After opening YouTube, you will see a timer. It will show you the total time spent on YouTube in a single session.

 However, the app will not stop YouTube videos from playing. Your own self-control and determination will play a key role. Before heading over to YouTube, decide the amount of time you’re going to spend on the platform. As soon as the clock reaches the end of your pre-selected time, close YouTube. 


ReacTube is an excellent project aimed at removing all ads from YouTube videos. You can go to the website to access YouTube to watch videos without any interruptions from clickbait ads. The good news is that the platform is available for free and anyone can access it to watch any video. As soon as you click on a video, a popup will appear in the center of the screen.

 You will be able to adjust the video quality. Furthermore, the app also omits the “Watch Next” feature from YouTube so that you don’t end up wasting your precious time unnecessarily. You can download any video present on YouTube using ReacTube. Do note that you will not be able to subscribe to channels on ReacTube. 

 These are some of the best apps and extensions that will help you in streamlining your YouTube usage. Use these apps to enhance your self-discipline, productivity, and willpower. Thanks to technology, many companies are working hard to create solutions to enhance user concentration and focus. Stay in touch with the tech world to know more about them. 

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