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How to get paid games for free?



how to get paid games for free

The most favorite games are usually the paid ones. Premium games are always at the top of the gaming list. This is because they have the ultimate features, graphics, controls, and, indeed, the interest of gamers.

There are a lot of premium games in the market for android, macOS, Windows, and other operating systems.

 Some of the top-rated and most favorite games are:

  • Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds (Pub G)
  • Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (CSGO)
  • Grand Theft Auto V (GTA V)
  • Call of Duty: WWII (COD)
Various online games require credit card information to let the user play the game. This is a sort of criteria to meet the requirements of the game.

Paid games require online payments. Online payments are made by credit cards but there is always a risk of information leakage. To generate random credit card numbers, a lot of tools can be found online.

Random credit card generator help users to create a new and unique CC number every time. For those gamers who want to just play the paid trials, this tool is much helpful. 

A credit card generator is an online tool used to create random credit card numbers for online use. These cards and numbers can be used to play paid games.

It can prove handy for the users. It has very less chances of getting blocked or banned. 
Trials often do not require payments to be made. This is the point where a random credit card generator can help the gamers a lot. 

Playing paid or premium games for free is just two steps away:

  • Generate Random Credit Card
  • Start playing your favorite paid games for free.

Generating A Random Credit Card:

To generate a random credit card, the credit-card-generator is the software to look for.

What is a Random Credit Card Generator?

random credit card generator

These tools help users create unique and random credit card numbers. It can be used for many purposes like business or gaming. 

These platforms generate random credit cards that are to be used in e-commerce all around the globe. 

There are several platforms present online for free and premium memberships. As the number of online paid and premium games that you can play games for real money is growing day by day. It is increasing the risks and cybersecurity threats as well.

Some of the good ones are:

  • The King of Virtual Credit Cards by donotpay.com
  • Credit Card Generator by Prepostseo.com
  • Credit Card Generator by cardguru.io
How does a random credit card generator work? 

It uses such numerical rules that can help generate a random credit card. It is also used by several companies.

It can generate credit cards with a single click only. 

To use a random credit card generator without any hesitation. The user requires to have some basic information about the credit card patterns.

  • Different credit cards start with different numbers.
  • A “Visa” card usually starts from the numeric “4”. Then the first 6 digits are the bank ID number which can be same for the all cards issued by the bank. 
  • The next 6 to 9 digits in the card are the account number.
  • The last digit is the check-figure.
A good credit card generator gives the user, a bunch of facilities. Some are regarded as basic information. Whereas, some facilities can be categorized as the generators’ qualities.

Following are some facilities provided by random credit card generators: 

  • Different credit card generators give options of more than 45 different car brands to choose from.
  • They also ask about the country or region of the card, that is to be generated.
  • They allow choosing a bank out of a large number of them provided online.
  • Creating a Pin Code is also available there.
  • They also give the option of CVV/CVV2 options.
  • The month and the year of expiry are also asked.
  • These generators give a money limit on the card you are going to generate from it.
  • The number of cards is also asked by the user before generating the cards.
A random credit card can be generated as smoothly as one click. Following are the steps to generate a random credit card:

  • Go to the website and select the credit card generator.
  • You are just required to click on the “Generate” button to generate a unique credit card of your own.
  • Different cards will be generated randomly and you can use any of them.

Play Your Favorite Paid Games For Free:

The step for generating random credit cards has been done. The next step is to start your favorite game. Fill in the requirements as required. 

Provide the random credit card number you generated. Start your free trial. Enjoy your dearest paid games for free.


As the number of online paid and premium games is growing day by day. It is increasing the risks and cybersecurity threats as well.

Many hackers have come to the market to steal your personal and financial information.

What users normally do is to look at the posters of new games and do fancy them. But what they don’t bother to look at is the backdrop present behind them.

The hacking attacks on the accounts and personal information may prove lethal. 

One must follow some guidelines to stay safe from these attacks:

  • To download the game from legal and safe play stores is the best thing.
  • Before playing or buying a game, one must read the comments and reviews about that game.
  • Checking the older and previous versions may be helpful.
  • The users and the gamers must read out all the terms and conditions before purchasing or playing the game.
  • Finally, yet importantly, the user can use the above-discussed tool to generate random credit cards to play the games and at many other platforms where there is a risk of any hacking attack towards banking or other information.

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