9 hidden features of Google.

9 Hidden Features of Google

9 hidden features of Google.

1. Google 3D animals:

Do you know if you go to Google and type an animal a horse, a snake, a panda or any animal you can think of when you scroll down you see these 3D animals moving? If you don't see that option you just need to update your Google Chrome browser.  Now if you click on view in your space then allow Google to access your camera and storage if you are happy with that just click on got it now you just do a small hand gesture in your room and now you see the Magic in your room  you can see the real animal that you want to see in your room in reality.

2. Google Games:

9 hidden features of Google.

Do you know if you type on Google search bar Tic Tac Toe you can actually play this game with google? It is a nice way to pass your time and it is not enough if you type a snake game you can play this game with google. You can play another game Pac-Man with google and it also works like original it has sound, vibration everything that a game required.

3. Google Tools:

Do you know if you type Color Picker on Google this Color Picker pop-up state away on the Google? If you type Metronome on google it can pop-up just like that. If you type breathing exercise on Google 1 minute breathing exercise pop-up on Google. If you click on play the circle gets smaller you can breathe out at that time when the circle gets bigger you can breathe in and it really cools 1-minute exercise.

4. Save Parking:

Do you know if you open Google Maps and you click on your current location you can see the option save your parking? What this does? At can save the location where you parked your car.

5. Map Timeline:

9 hidden features of Google.

Do you know if you go to your Google map and if you click on the option then click on your timeline you can actually see the record of all the places you have gone through the day you choose on that day you can see all the details where you travel? It is a handy tool.

6. Translate Anything:

This one is a massive time saver all you have to do open your Google lens and take the picture of that word that you want to translate. Now click the option of select all and copy the text now you can paste it on your nodes, website, or email. It can save too much time and now top of Google lens another thing you can do is translate text real-time into another language. For example, you select English to Hindi now your camera translates every word in Hindi with the help of Google Lens.

7. Speech To Text:

This is the best tool of Google no matter what you want to write on your smartphone just open the G board and select the mic button to know you just speak Google will automatically convert it into text.

8. Chrome Cast:

You may hear about this tool but if you not then go to you play store and install Google Home. Once you install Google Home it instantly recognizes a TV with chrome cast in it, you can literally say mirror your device and it shows your mobile screen on your smart led but you can only do this if you have a chrome cast feature on your led TV.

9. Translate the Entire Site:

9 hidden features of Google.

If you are on Google and browsing a website and the language you don't understand you simply click on the 3 dots right on your corner and click on translate. Once you select that a little tap top-up on your screen and you choose what you want to translate just in second the entire website is translated.

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