What are the benefits of Amazon prime?

What are the benefits of Amazon prime?

What are the benefits of Amazon Prime?

1. If you join Amazon Prime membership there is no delivery charge taken by you for example if you purchase 400 rupees product there is no delivery charge.
2. The ordered product will be delivered to your address within 24 hours.
3. If you are Amazon Prime member you get notification of the sale or budget products first then a simple customer.
4. Friends, you can get Amazon Prime membership with 500 rupees for one year.
5. If you buy 15 or more product from Amazon in a year then this is the best offer you should be paid for Amazon Prime membership and get the great discount.
6You can store the unlimited photo on amazon photos when you join Amazon Prime.
7. You can see Ad-free video streaming.
8. You can see Ad-Free music streaming.
9. You can get free Twitch Subscription.
10. You can get Kindle Ebook Rentals Lending library.
11. If you are a student and you have a valid. EDU email address, you can register as part of the time Prime Student program, which can give you a 6 months free trial for Amazon Prime.
12. You can get lightning deals on Prime day.

Amazon Prime membership for video movies

What are the benefits of Amazon prime?

1. Friends you can watch the movie in the Amazon app.
2. Friends, you should be paid 999 rupees for watching Amazon prime videos.
3. Amazon Prime is founded on 2 February 2005.
4. In April 2018 Amazon has 100 million subscribers worldwide.
5. The service cost for Amazon Prime members for video movies is $4.99-$14.99 for a month.

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