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What is the monthly income of Akshay Kumar?

What is the monthly income of Akshay Kumar?

In a survey, 20000 new people come to Mumbai every day with a dream to become an actor but only a few of them have become an actor. Every big actor can work in one or two movies in a year but there is another actor who works in 4 or 5 movies in a year the name of the actor is Akshay Kumar. The real name of Akshay Kumar is Rajiv Hari Om Bhatia. Akshay Kumar work in more than 150 Hindi films.  Akshay Kumar never thinks that he become an actor and become a superstar in Bollywood industry but always remember the person who works honestly and works hard God will always help that person. Akshay Kumar started his Bollywood career in the '90s. Akshay Kumar has nicknames Akki, Khiladi. The nationality of Akshay Kumar is Canadian.

 Akshay Kumar Biography:

What is the monthly income of Akshay Kumar?

Akshay Kumar was born on 9 September 1967 Amritsar, Punjab. Akshay Kumar childhood pass in Chandni chowk Delhi. Akshay Kumar did not like to study too much and that's the reason he left his study after +2. For his expense, Akshay Kumar starts doing small work.  Akshay Kumar is never shy to do any kind of work. Akshay Kumar has a huge interest in sports and for doing martial art training he going to Bangkok. Akshay Kumar is working as a cook, waiter and a martial art expert before coming in Bollywood. Akshay Kumar is a black belt in martial art. After completing his martial art training Akshay Kumar come back India and work in Kolkata in a travel agency.

After Kolkata Akshay Kumar going to Mumbai start selling Kundan ornaments that he get from Delhi. Akshay Kumar still working without any target he thinks that he earns money with his honesty and hard work no matter he is doing big work or small work. In Mumbai Akshay Kumar also give martial art training to some children's and in those children, one of his students is a photographer and he is suggested Akshay Kumar do modeling. He gives Akshay Kumar name in a modeling project. 

To see Akshay Kumar personality he selected in modeling. within 2 days, Akshay Kumar completes his first modeling shoot and he gets 20000 rupees. Akshay Kumar thinks he will only earn 5000 rupees with all his hard work and now he easily gets 20000 rupees within two days with no hard work then Akshay Kumar decided he will set his life in this field and start doing small moldings. In an interview, Akshay Kumar said that he went to Bangalore for doing modeling and when I doing exercise in the morning I pick a phone call and he said you are too late and your flight is miss. Akshay Kumar was in shock and he thinks what happened with him and then Akshay Kumar realizes that he thinks his flight is at 7:00 p.m. but actually it is at 7:00 a.m. 

A big project is lost from Akshay Kumar hand and he was very upset but his father tells him that what happens is for the goods. At that day Akshay Kumar goes to Natraj studio. In Natraj studio, Pramod JI sees Akshay Kumar photos and he is very impressed he meets with Akshay Kumar and said that he gave him a small role in a movie and Akshay Kumar says yes. Pramod Ji gives 5000 rupees cheque to Akshay Kumar and signs him for the movie. Akshay Kumar always remembers that moment and said we did not do anything special because God is the best scriptwriter and sometime hey doing great things.

The filmy career of Akshay Kumar :

What is the monthly income of Akshay Kumar?
In 1990 for improving his acting Akshay Kumar doing the acting course after that Akshay Kumar gets an offer for a movie name Aaj and when the movie was released, Akshay Kumar sees that his role in a movie is only for 7 seconds. The actor of this film name is Akshay Kumar and Rajiv Bhatia is very impressed with this name and he changes his name with Akshay Kumar. In 1991 with Saugandh movie Akshay Kumar started his career in Bollywood as a leading actor. In 1992 Akshay Kumar works in Khiladi movie and after that movie, he never looks back. 

In 2002, Akshay Kumar works in Hera Pheri movie and it was the biggest hit of that time and it was the most loving comedy movie of all time children still watching this movie every time when it comes in any channel. Akshay Kumar is considered as an action hero in early time in Bollywood. Akshay Kumar doing many patriotism movies and loved by every Indian. Akshay Kumar gave a social message with his movies. Akshay Kumar doing Padman movie and give the social message in all over the world. Before this movie every girl shy to talking about periods problem but because of Akshay Kumar movie Padman, everybody talking about this problem in TV news channels in social media platforms without any hesitation because it is natural.

Akshay Kumar works in the movie name Toilet Ek Prem Katha as the leading actor and give a social message with this movie and be a part of Swachh Bharat Abhiyan. Akshay Kumar won Padma Shri award in 2009. Akshay Kumar won national film award in 2016 for Rustom. Akshay Kumar won Filmfare award for best villain in 2002 for Ajnabee movie and many other awards. Akshay Kumar married Bollywood actress Twinkle Khanna. Akshay Kumar and Twinkle Khanna have 2 children's Aarav Kumar and Nitara Kumar. Akshay Kumar getup 4:00 a.m. in the morning every day and doing exercise in his daily routine. Akshay Kumar is a health-conscious person. Akshay Kumar sleeps 10 p.m. every night. Akshay Kumar is a great inspiration for billions of people all over the world. Always remember your hard work will soon pay off.

What is the monthly income of Akshay Kumar?

The net worth of Akshay Kumar is $175 Million. The monthly income of Akshay Kumar is $45.7 Million. Akshay Kumar can earn 55 Crore Rupees to 70 Crore Rupees per movie. In last year Akshay Kumar earns 444 Crore Rupees. Akshay Kumar is the brand ambassador of more than 20 big companies. Akshay Kumar is the current most earning Bollywood celebrity. Akshay Kumar is in the 37 lists of Top 100 highest-paid celebrities in the world. 
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