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First song of Arijit Singh

How much does Arijit Charge for a Concert?Who is the first song of Arijit Singh?

 Arijit Singh is very famous all over the world. Arijit Singh is the favorite singer of every director. In today's Bollywood movies, one song should we sing by Arijit Singh? It was a very tough journey for Arijit Singh to become one of the greatest singers in India. 

Arijit Singh's journey in the music industry began with his participation in the reality TV show "Fame Gurukul" in 2005. However, his breakthrough as a playback singer came in 2011 with the song "Phir Mohabbat" from the movie "Murder 2."

"Phir Mohabbat" was a melodious and soulful track composed by Mithoon Sharma. Arijit Singh's rendition of the song showcased his remarkable vocal range and emotional depth, which captivated listeners. The song became popular and helped establish Arijit Singh as a promising singer in the industry.

Following the success of "Phir Mohabbat," Arijit Singh went on to deliver numerous hit songs in Bollywood, becoming one of the most celebrated playback singers of his generation. His versatility, heartfelt expressions, and soulful voice continue to enchant music lovers worldwide.

When Arijit Singh comes to Bollywood and becomes the most outstanding singer, he never looks back. Arijit Singh's first song is Phir Mohabbat. 

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How much does Arijit Charge for a Concert?

Arjit Singh charges 30lakh to 50lakh per Concert but now he demands up to 1 crore.

Who was Arjit Singh First Wife?

The first wife of Arjit Singh was  Ruprekha Banerjee. They both married in 2013 and in the same year they take divorced.

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