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Google Local guide program: How to join it and earn points?


Local guide program

The local Guide Program was introduced by Google. This program allows people to share their experiences of the places they visit. For example, you just visit your dream place and share your experience by giving a rating and sharing some images and videos. The Local Guide program is directly linked with Google Maps. You can also add a new place and road on Google Maps with the help of the Local Guide Program. People earn points for their contributions.

Did you know! Google Local Guides also get a chance to participate in community forums and visit Google-hosted events and get early access to Google's new products. 


How do Google local guide programs work?

There are a total of 10 levels in the local guide program. From Level 1 to Level 3 you get no badge. Go to Level 4 once you get 250 points. Once you reach Level 4 or above you earn a badge. The badge is displayed next to your name in Google Maps. 

You can contribute as a Google local guide by sharing reviews, photos, and videos, editing the facts, asking and answering questions, and adding a missing place and knowledge on Google Maps. As a local guide, you make an impact on your community. You can also connect with a Global Community. 

With the help of the Local Guide Form, you can connect with others passionate about sharing their experiences, knowledge, and new places they discover.

How to join the Google Local Guide Program?

Step 1

Just visit the Google Local Guide sign-up page and click on Get Started. 

Step 2

Enter the name of your city.

Now Click on become a local guide. 

Step 3

Now start contributing and earn points. Search the places manually or turn on your location to allow Google to access your location history. 

The suggestion is suggested according to your previous visit locations. You can also search manually to help contribute more. The more you contribute the more level you achieve. Once you reach level 4 you earn a badge. It is always on the Google Maps profile. The badge sign will change according to the level. 

What other Reads?

Here is the detailed overview:

  1. Level 1 : 0 Points.
  2. Level 2: 15 Points. 
  3. Level 3: 75 Points. 
  4. Level 4: 250 Points. 
  5. Level 5: 500 Points. 
  6. Level 6: 1500 Points. 
  7. Level 7: 5,000 Points. 
  8. Level 8: 15,000 Points. 
  9. Level 9: 50,000 Points. 
  10. Level 10: 100,000 Points.     

Points Criteria

  • Adding a place - 15 Points
  • Check a fact- 1 Points
  • Add a road- 15 Points
  • Rate a business -  1 Point
  • Upload a Photo - 5 Points
  • Add a Caption to a photo - 10 Points
  • Upload a Video- 7 Points 
  • Tag a Photo - 3 Points
  • Respond to Q&As - 3 Points
  • Answer- 1 Point
  • Edit Information - 5 Points
  • Write a Review- 10 Points
  • Write a 200-plus character review- 10 Bonus Points

In Conclusion

Anybody can be a Google Local Guide all you have to do is create your Gmail account. It helps people to find a better place in the world. Your one contribution makes people's lives easy. Be a part of the Global community and make this world a better place to live. 

Make sure your contribution can help people all over the globe. Share reviews, photos, and videos on the places where you visit. Always share your genuine experience to help the global community. People trust your reviews more when you earn a badge. So keep contributing and make your level above on Google Maps. 

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