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Jadeja Net Worth | Wife


Ravindra Jadeja Net Worth

Ravindra Jadeja, often fondly called "Sir Jadeja" by his fans, is synonymous with excellence in cricket. Born on December 6, 1988, in Jamnagar, Gujarat, India, Jadeja's journey from a budding cricketer to one of the most celebrated all-rounders in the world is nothing short of inspiring. 

Ravindra Jadeja's net worth is $17 million(83,16,74,000 rupees). He is under Grade A player he earns $190,000(1Crore rupees) as his retainer fee on an annual basis and receives Rs 15 Lakh, 6 Lakh, and 3 Lakh for playing a Test match, ODI match, and a T20 match respectively. Ravindra Jadeja's IPL salary is 160,000,000 rupees per year. His total IPL income is  1,090,100,000 rupees. Ravindra Jadeja wife is Rivaba Jadeja. She is currently serving as MLA of Gujarat(Jamnagar ). Together they have one child Nidhyana.

Early Life and Introduction to Cricket

Growing up in a modest background, Jadeja's tryst with cricket began at a young age. His innate talent for the sport quickly became evident, and he soon became a local sensation. His left-arm spin bowling and dynamic batting style caught the attention of scouts, paving the way for his entry into professional cricket.

International Debut and Rise to Prominence:

Jadeja made his international debut for India in an ODI match against Sri Lanka in 2009. His consistent performances in domestic cricket earned him a place in the national team, where he quickly established himself as a valuable asset. His ability to spin the ball sharply and his reliable lower-order batting skills made him a vital player in all three game formats.

The All-Round Brilliance

Ravindra Jadeja Wife

What sets Jadeja apart is his exceptional ability to contribute significantly with both bat and ball. As a left-arm spinner, he possesses the knack of deceiving batsmen with his accurate deliveries and subtle variations. His batting prowess, particularly in the limited-overs formats, is marked by aggressive strokes and a keen understanding of the game situation.

Fielding Prowess

Jadeja's brilliance isn't confined to bowling and batting; he is also renowned for his exceptional fielding skills. His lightning-quick reflexes, accurate throws, and ability to convert half-chances into wickets make him one of the finest fielders in contemporary cricket. His presence on the field adds a different dimension to the team's overall performance.

Memorable Performances

Jadeja's career is adorned with several memorable performances that have etched his name in cricketing history. One such iconic moment came during the 2013 Champions Trophy, where he played a crucial role in India's triumph. His all-round display, including a match-winning knock in the semi-final, showcased his ability to handle pressure situations.

Test Cricket Success

In Test cricket, Jadeja's consistency and ability to pick wickets on turning tracks have been instrumental in India's success, especially at home. His partnership with other spinners has often bamboozled opposing batting line-ups, leading to numerous match-winning performances.

Indian Premier League (IPL) Journey

Jadeja's success in the IPL further solidifies his status as a premier all-rounder. Representing teams like Rajasthan Royals and later Chennai Super Kings, he has been a vital cog in their success stories. His ability to perform under pressure in the IPL's high-intensity matches has endeared him to fans across the globe.

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Challenges and Comebacks

Like any other cricketer, Jadeja faced his fair share of challenges. Injuries and periods of inconsistent form tested his resilience. However, true to his fighting spirit, he made remarkable comebacks, showcasing his determination and dedication to the game.

Off the Field

Beyond his on-field heroics, Jadeja is also known for his humility and sportsmanship. He has inspired countless young cricketers with his journey and continues to be a role model for aspiring talents.


Ravindra Jadeja's journey in cricket is a testament to his unwavering commitment, talent, and passion for the game. Whether he's spinning the ball, smashing boundaries, or creating magical moments on the field, Jadeja's contributions to Indian cricket are unparalleled. As he continues to don the Indian jersey and light up the cricketing world, fans eagerly anticipate more memorable performances from this all-round maestro.

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