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Best video editing software

Best video editing software

 Every person, despite their job position, level of income, or type of activity, is aware of the fact that high-quality videos are one of the most useful tools to popularize a product and improve company-customers interaction. 

Plus, social media is becoming more and more famous, so millions of people see it as a perfect chance to become popular with the help of viral video content. As they say, demand generates supply. No wonder many companies strive to create a video editing app that will blow up the technology market and capture the hearts and minds of the whole online world. 

Though the competition is rather challenging and serious, certain ways will help you speed up the go-to-market process. As such we have ready-made software development kits (Video Editing SDK Android, iOS, or Web related). So, let’s have a closer look at the most top-notch SDKs and APIs that will turn your app into the main tool for creating professional-grade videos.

Best Video Editing SDKs

Banuba’s Video Editor SDK

The fact that this SDK spearheads the list is not surprising. This all-in-one software offers all the features a good video editor should have, like merging, trimming, recording, overlays, hands-free mode, music integration, correcting facial imperfections, background changer, and much more. 

The Video Editor SDK grants access to the AR cloud where various effects are stored and can be easily implemented in your app and applied by users. It covers more than 80% of all smartphone users. In addition, it is compatible with React Native and Flutter.

Banuba’s Video Editor SDK will help you develop your video editing app much quicker, saving your dev team’s time and effort. It is already used by multiple companies (like Chingari and Jalsa) and has been tested in real apps over the years. Feel free to improve user engagement, boost in-app purchases, and increase sales with Banuba.


Img.ly’s Video Editor SDK offers customizable UI, 24/7 support, and constant updates and improvements. It can be integrated into a matter of several minutes, allowing you to create video editors for iOS, Android, or in your web browser. The core features offered are timelines, trimming, cropping, audio and text overlay, numerous filters, dynamic stickers, and much more. It has everything necessary to fine-tune video content with a wide range of features.  

What other Reads?

Meishe SDK

This tool was released by a Beijing-based software company. Color correction, transition effects, captions, funny stickers, trimming, speed playback—you can find all this and more. Plus, particle effects, the ability to reshape the face and make it look flawless, animoji, and different templates are also available. Like the two SDKs mentioned above, this one also supports all platforms.


This video editing SDK is also full of useful and immersive features, like filters, beautification, special effects, colorful video templates, etc. It is regularly upgraded with brand-new functions and offers one-on-one online support. There is a free 7-day trial, so you can try it out to see everything it has up its sleeve.


Shotstack’s Video Editing API will let you create video apps without having to monitor and maintain your infrastructure. It will allow your users to reveal their utmost creative potential with its cutting, trimming, unlimited tracks, various asset types, effects, filters, and transitions. You can even import your fonts if you need. Also, Shotstack gives its customers the possibility to start for free and upgrade the API later.


The number of video editing SDKs is enormous. Of course, it is next to impossible to enumerate all the off-the-shelf solutions the market has to offer. The choice of the tool depends on the features you need, the software price, the platforms it supports, and so on. However, we would recommend Banuba’s SDK to consider first, as it is highly customizable, intuitive, and feature-rich.  

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