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Best Motivational quotes.

motivational quotes

  • Work so silently that success will make a noise. 
  • Those who are encouraged to walk alone, one day, the convoys follow them.
  • Successful people change the world with their decisions, while unsuccessful people change their choices for fear of the world.
  • Which one does not expect, often the same people do wonders.
  • Victory and defeat depend on your thinking. If you believe, then there will be defeat, and if you decide, you will win.
  • Unless you lose with your hand, no power in the world can beat you.
  • If you want to shine like the sun, then first learn to walk like the sun.
  • To get dreams right, you have to be a little crazy.
  • No goal is more significant than human courage.
  • We do not lose from the challenges outside; we lose from the weaknesses inside us.
  • Just as there are no leaves on the tree without the fall, in the same way, good days do not come without difficulty and struggle.
  • No matter how much time you bother me, there will be a day when I will change you.
  • If you can smile at a time when you are entirely broken inside, then no power in the world can hurt you.
  • Nothing changes with one wish, but everything changes with determination.
  • As far as the way can be seen, then the way forward will be visible after reaching there.
  • Every small change is the beginning of great success.
  • Human is successful when he starts changing himself rather than the world.
  • In the race of life, those who cannot beat you by running try to beat you by breaking them.
  • Stop regretting life. Do something that regrets leaving you.
  • The person who never made a mistake never tried anything new.
  • No harm in making mistakes, but it is terrible to make the same mistake again and again.
  • Live to be right, not to be excellent.
  • Respect and praise are not sought.
  • If you want to understand life, look back, but if life is to be lived, then look forward.
  • Dreams are not what we see in sleep dreams are what make us sleep.
  • If you are searching for that person who will change your life, take a look in the mirror.
  • Stop being dependent on others in life. If you want to be successful, then do something yourself.
  • Your last mistake is your best teacher.
  • If this world is fulfilling your needs, then you are a slave of this world, but if you are giving what you want to this world, then this whole world is your slave.
  • It's never been too late. 
  • If you have thought of doing something, then this is the right time to do something.
  • If you keep thinking and don't do anything, you will never get success.
  • Continuous effort is better than the result.
  • It is effortless to find flaws in someone, but no one tells the merits of anyone.
  • Seeing the progress of others, stop burning, and be capable of it yourself.
  • Nobody knows you better than you.
  • Change is the law of nature, so start changing yourself.
  • Try to fulfill your dreams, or else someone will hire you to fulfill his dreams.
  • Know what your passion is and then start to complete it. No power in the world can stop you from succeeding.
  • Money is just a way to meet needs. To live happily, peace is required.
  • If you want to make money quickly, then make your own frame. People will buy dust in your name.
  • The whole game is about time.
  • Quit running after the girl. Run after the money. The girl will run after you.
  • The best way to do marketing is to create your own frame.
  • Don't go after the thing that everyone is running after because only one will get it. Go behind something where there is none.
  • Learn to use the smartphone in the right way, you can win the whole world.
  • Make your weakness your strength. Otherwise, this world will put you down.
  • Whatever you are, you are perfect. Recognize the ability inside you. There is no one else in the world like you.
  • Nobody is more prosperous than your father.
  • The one who has won the battle with darkness shines like the sun. 
  • Keep in mind that they will also come to the scene. After walking near the thirsty, they will have again come to the sea themselves.
  • Why do you sit on the ground and see the sky? Opening your wings, this era only sees the fight.
  • If u trust God, then you will get what is written in your fortune, but if you have confidence in yourself, then God too will write your luck as you wish.
  • Kayak, can you come out of the storms, so do not change your intentions because your luck can change anytime.
  • No one is great without the struggle. As long as the stone is not hurt, God is not there.
  • Do not sit tired. The traveler will come one day when the floor will be found, and the fun of living will also be there.
  • No cheering without doing anything. Those who try would never give up.
  • For the sake of victory, there is a passion in the heart, in which such blood boils. The sky will also come, only the motives in the ground need strength.
  • Even after trying, you never get disappointed after losing, my friend. Keep moving forward, whatever the weather, the ant finds the floor falling down.
  • Who denied me seeing my time. I promise that I will bring such a time that I will have to meet my time.
  • A loser in the field can still win, but a lost person never wins.
  • Waiting for the diamond to darken if it is to be tested. In the sun, even the pieces of glass start shining.
  • What to boast about the father's wealth. Majesty is when the wealth is yours, and the father is proud.
  • No matter how big the problem is, the solution will definitely come out; if the land is barren, then if you do not give up, water will definitely come out.
  • Say let the difficulties become a little more complicated. Say, let the challenges become a little bigger. You want to measure our courage, then let us be a little higher than the sky.
  • There was a floor in the eyes and kept falling down. The winds tried hard, but the lamps kept burning even in the storms.
  • No matter how hard it's got, never give up.
  • No one is doing it for you. You can do it for yourself.
  • What follows the path of struggle changes the world.
  • When I was scared of difficulties, I did not die but could not live. Do not ask where my destination is, yet I have intended to travel. I will not give up the courage; I have promised myself not to anyone else.
  • Nobody else does it for you. You are the one who does it by yourself. 
  • Be happy with what you have. There is still a dream for many people what you have? 

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