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What is Physics?

What is Physics?
Physics is the branch of science considered with nature, matter in space, and force. In simple words, it is the study of the fundamental law of nature, which simply put, all the direction.

 It is the study of matter and energy. Quantum mechanics and electrocution is the best example of Physics.

Do you know: Physics comes from the Latin word physica meaning the science of natural things.

Types of Physics: 

What is Physics?
1. Classical Mechanics.
2. Thermodynamics and Statical Mechanics.
3. Electromagnetism and electronics. 
4. Relativistic Mechanics.
5. Quantum Mechanics.
6.Optics, and atomic molecular and Optical Physics.
7. Condensed Matter Physics.
8. Particle Physics and Nuclear Physics.
9. Cosmology.
10. Kinematics Physics.
11. Nuclear Physics.
12. Chemical Physics.
13. Plasma Physics.
14. BioPhysics.
15. Matrix Physics.

There are many more, but these are the main types of Physics.

Do you know: Who is the father of Physics?
No, 1 person is considered as the father of Physics.  Sir Galileo Galilei, Sir Issac Newton, and Sir Albert Einstein were considered as the father's of Physics.

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