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What is the Biography of Steve Jobs?

What is the Biography of Steve Jobs?

 I will die early is the most significant way to make the biggest decision of my life. When I was thinking about dying, then all the afraid, all disappointment, all failure, all embarrassment is finish. Leaving is very important. These words are said by one of the most prominent entrepreneurs Steve Jobs. He accomplishes that thing, which is not possible for everyone.

Steve Jobs was an American businessman, entrepreneur, Apple CEO, inventor motivational speaker. Steve Jobs was born on 24 February 1955 in California. Steve Jobs's mother, Joanne Schieble  Simpson, gave him birth during her college time, and she is not married to any person, and that is the reason she did not want to take Steve with her.

Early Life Of Steve Jobs: 

What is the Biography of Steve Jobs?

She decided to gave Steve Jobs to someone who wanted to adopt a child. Steve Jobs is adopted by California lived couple Paul and Clara Jobs. Both belong to the middle-class family. They won't have much money, but they fulfill all the dreams of Steve Jobs. They send Steve Jobs into the most paid and right school.

The early study of Steve Jobs is in Monta Loma School. In 1972 for completing his college study Steve Jobs take admission to Reed College, which is the highest-paid College in California. That is the reason, with all efforts, Steve Jobs's parents would not pay his full college fee.

Steve Jobs started selling cold drink bottles on his vacation to give his college fees. Due to the shortage of money, Steve Jobs eating food in the temple. For saving his money, Steve Jobs will sleep in his friend room floor with all these efforts, Steve Jobs's full college fee is not complete. For seeing his parent's hard work, Steve Jobs left his College.

Life-Changing movement for steve jobs:

What is the Biography of Steve Jobs?

Steve Jobs gives his full time in his business. Steve Jobs and his friend create a Mac operating system in Steve Jobs's dad car garage. For seeling, this operating system Steve Jobs wanted to make Apple name computers. Due to the shortage of money, hey did not do this.

Steve job's money problem is finish by his other friend's help. In 1976 age of 20 years Steve Jobs open Apple company. With Steve Jobs and his friends' hard work, Apple, the company that starts from a small car garage, became a 1.2 billion US dollar company within a few years. The company has 4000 employees.

Shocking movement of Steve jobs life: 

What is the Biography of Steve Jobs?

Steve Jobs this success is for some time because his company partners did not like him, and they don't work correctly, and due to this, Apple company's popularity is going low, and the company goes into debt. In 1985 on the board director meeting, all company members blame Steve Jobs, and he is out of the company.

It was the saddest moment for Steve Jobs.  After that company going down and down. After left Apple company Steve Jobs open 2 new companies, Pixler and Next Link. These companies are also very successful. On the other side, Apple is going down day by day, and Apple company board of directors requested Steve Jobs much time to rejoin Apple.

In 1996 Steve Jobs rejoined Apple once again and combined Apple and Pixler. Now Steve Jobs is the CEO of Apple. When Steve Jobs rejoin apple at that time, Apple has 250+ products, but after a few years, Steve Jobs remove many products, and only 10 works of Apple are remaining.

Steve Jobs Death:

What is the Biography of Steve Jobs?
Steve Jobs entirely focus upon only these 10 products of Apple company. Steve Jobs said that it always focuses on the quality of the work, not the quantity of the product, and this is the key to success. In 1998 Steve Jobs launched I, Mac, in the market, which is very famous, and after that, Apple never looks back.

Apple launches the iPad and iPhone, and the rest has become history. On 5 October 2011, due to Pancreatic Cancer, Steve Jobs will rest in peace, but he is always remembered in our hearts. Steve Jobs said that the people who think madly that they change this world, in reality, those people can change the world.

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