NBA youngboy net worth 2020

NBA youngboy net worth 2020

NBA young boy net worth $6.5 Million.  He is also known as Kentrell Gaulden. He is an American rapper The main source of his income is from rapping and sponsorship.

 After the release his famous song Young boy never broke again people have known him professionally as NBA young boy. This song gives huge growth to his carrier.

NBA young boy started his music company at the age of 14 years with a microphone. He was considered his grandmother as his lucky charm. Unfortunately his grandmother is no more, but she is always lived in her heart.

NBA Young boy

Birth: 20 October 1999

Gender: Male

Real Name: Kentrell Gaulden 

Hair Color: Black 

Genre: Rap, Hip Hop 

Height: 5ft 9 (1.75 m)

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