What is the biography of Hima Das?

What is the biography of Hima Das?

Champions are different they think different from the crowd when this thinks is true then history will be made. One of them has emerged is Hima Das. Within just 19 days Hima Das won 5 gold medals. It looks like a dream but it is true. Hima Das is also known as a Golden girl. Hima Das was born on 9 January 2000 in Dhing Assam. Hima Das's father's name is Ranjit Das and her mother's name is Jonali Das. Hima Das's father was a farmer and her mother is a housewife. The total member in the Hima Das family is 16.

Early life of Hima Das:

What is the biography of Hima Das?

Due to less income and more people in family Hima Das and her family face money problems. Hima Das studied in a government high school. At school time, Hima Das likes to play football and she plays with village boys as a striker but when school teacher Shamsher Bhagat advice Hima Das for becoming an athlete then she starts running and doing well as a sprint trainer.

In 2017 Hima Das comes in Guwahati Kemp then Nippur Das who works as a coach sees Hima Das. Nippur Das sees that Hima Das wears cheap shoes but still he run faster than everyone that take participates in the race. At that time Nippur Das realize that Hima Das is ready to represent India. After that Nippur Das request Hima Das's parents to send Hima Das with him for training in Guwahati.

Life-Changing movement for Hima Das:

What is the biography of Hima Das?

For seeing much cost Hima's father refused to pay but when coach Nippur Das said that he pays all the training money then Hima Das's father says yes. With the first day of training, Hima Das stamina is very good. Nippur Das first trained Hima Das for 200m but then he realized that Hima Das is prefect for 400m. After full practice in April 2018 in commonwealth game Hims Das represent India in 4×4 relay but unfortunately, Hima Das reached in 7 positions in final.

After that in Tampere Finland world, U20 championship 2018 Hima Das won Gold Medal in 400m track and she becomes the first Indian won any international championship in 400m sprint. Here is the starting of the Hima Das medal story. In Jakarta Indonesia, Asia Games Hima Das won 2 Gold Medals and 1 Silver Medal. After that in 2,7,13,17,20 July, Hima Das won 5 Gold Medals and create history.  On 25 December 2018 Hima Das awarded with Arjun Award. Hima Das is a great inspiration for millions of people all over the world.

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