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How did naukri.com start?

How did naukri.com start?

Many big companies started in a small place, and they can face many problems, but at last, they become successful. Yes, we are talking about naukri.com, India's most significant job portal company. The owner of the company is Sanjeev Bikhchadani.  

He opens a great company that helps to find excellent jobs for millions of people and fulfilled his dream to become an entrepreneur. Sanjeev Bikhchadani faces any problem. In fact, his wife's money had to be spent to spend the house.

The early life of Sanjeev Bikhchadani:

How did naukri.com start?

Sanjeev Bikhchadani was born in 1963 in Delhi. His father was a doctor, and his mother was a housewife. Sanjeev is very good at his studies. Sanjeev doing his early homework at Saint Columbia high school.

Sanjeev is excellent in the research, and many people know him, and they think that one day Sanjeev doing a great job, but Sanjeev's dream is very different. Sanjeev always wanted to become a businessman.

Sanjeev did not know the way forward to accomplish his dream. Sanjeev completes his graduation from S.T. Stephen's College, Delhi in B.A. Now Sanjeev wanted to start a business, but for earning money, he starts doing the job as an accounts executive in 1984 at Lintas company.

Sanjeev works here for 3 years. Still, Sanjeev has not had the confidence to start a business, then he left his job and start doing an MBA.

After completing my MBA, Sanjeev work in Hindustan Milkfood Manufacturers. At that time, he meets with the love of his life Surbhi who was studying at IIM. Both get married, and after one year of his marriage, Sanjeev decided to leave his job.

Now Sanjeev is ready to enter the world of entrepreneurship. At that time, Surbhi used to spend home, and she fully supported her husband.

The turning point of Sanjeev Bikhchadani life:

How did naukri.com start?

In 1990 Sanjeev and his friend started two companies, Landmark and Info Edge. These company's started in Sanjeev's house. As a professional person, Sanjeev pays 800 rupees rent to his father.

In Info Edge company, he doing entry-level salary surveys, and 2nd company Landmark is trademarks and database related. The companies do not perform that well, and now Sanjeev started teaching in institutes, and he gets 2000 rupees every month.

After that, in 1993, Sanjeev and his friend decided to break up, and both get one company. Sanjeev gets Info Edge, and his friend gets Landmark. For basic needs, Sanjiv starts doing work as a consulting editor in a company.

It is said that the fruits of hard work are available only late but they definitely do. The same thing happened with Sanjeev. In 1996 when the IT Asia exhibition was held Sanjeev also participate in this event.

It is the time when the internet is starting in India. In this exhibition, Sanjeev sees a stall where www is written. To know about the meaning of www, Sanjeev go-to, a booth where he gets all the details.

From here, Sanjiv gets the idea of naukri.com. At that time, no matter the person who teaches in college or does jobs, everybody sees job ads in the newspaper.

A life-changing moment for Sanjeev Bikhchadani:

How did naukri.com start?

This is the only source to get a job. From here, Sanjeev sees the future of the internet and starts building naukri.com, where the total focus is upon job vacancies rather than other fake news.

At that time in India for creating a website and hosting a website is not an easy task because, at that time, only a few people know about programming languages.

For the solution to that problem, Sanjeev gives some share of the company to management and creates the website.

After many years of struggles, at last, Sanjeev started naukri.com. In 1997 with 1000 ads, naukari.com was launched.

People are very excited to know about this platform because, at that time, the internet is new in India. Journalists and news anchors also give massive coverage for naukri.com. 

Benefits of Naukri.com:

How did naukri.com start?

This is the reason the Sanjeev job portal has vast traffic. The company benefits 2.5 lakh in its first year, and in the second year, there is a massive post in company profit company get more than 18 lakh profit. After that, Sanjeev's company gets funding, and the company never looks back.

In 2004 naukri.com own 45 Crore rupees. In 2006 naukri.com is the first internet company in India that was listed on the Bombay Stock Exchange.

In India, 70% of the market share has under naukri.com. The company that was starting with one person now thousands of people works in this company.

Sanjeev Info Edge, who is the parent company of naukri.com, is the major shareholder of jeevansathi.com, 99acres.com, shiksha.com.

Now Sanjiv is at the top of the world every businessman dream to be here. In the end, I can only say that I always follow your passion.

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