What is the biography of Eminem?

What is the biography of Eminem?

Marshall Bruce Mathers is mainly known as Eminem also known as the God of RAP. Eminem is a rapper, actor, songwriter and producer. Eminem was born on 17 October 1972 in Saint Joseph, Missouri, United States. Eminem's mother's name is Deborah R. Nelson-Mathers. Eminem's father's name is Marshall Bruce Mathers Jr.  Eminem's mother was just 17 years old when he was born. Eminem did not see his father.

Early life of  Eminem:

What is the biography of Eminem?

Due to the shortage of money, Eminem had to wander in many places. Eminem change 3 or 4 schools in a year that's why he has no friend. At the teenage Eminem live in Detroit Michigan. When we talk about apartheid's we think only black people fall prey to but that's not true.

Eminem faces this problem in Detroit Michigan because only black people are living in this city and they hate white people. Eminem bullies many times at his early age and that's why he is in depression. Many times Eminem is beaten and the limit was cross when D'Angelo Barry's name girl has beaten Eminem very much and he was taken in the hospital.

Eminem was in a coma for 7 days. At that time no white human rap but Eminem doing rap and he face more problems. Black people think that only they can rap white people could not do it. Eminem interested in rap when his uncle Ronnie gave him a CD. Uncle Ronnie becomes his mentor in the future. Eminem Idol is his uncle Ronnie but due to some reason, Eminem uncle committing suicide.

Struggle of Eminem:

What is the biography of Eminem?

Eminem is in depression when he lost his uncle and he locked himself in a room for 7 days and did not talk with anyone. Eminem did not like to go to school and also do not like doing study. This is the reason he fails 3 times in the 9th standard. After sometime  Eminem left his school and doing small jobs for money.

Eminem washing dishes in restaurants and cleaning cars. In this time he not away from his passion. When he gets time Eminem shows his rapping skill to people. After a lot of struggle Eminem launches his first album Infinite but unfortunately, it fails.

Eminem is in depression when he knows that he is out of his job. At that time Eminem only had $40 in his pocket. Due to a lot of problems in life Eminem try committing suicide but they were saved in time. Eminem problems found a way out in the 1997 upcoming rap competition.

Life-changing moment for Eminem:

What is the biography of Eminem?

Eminem take participate in rap competition and he is in second place. At that time popular rapper Dr. Dre impressed at Eminem's work and he decided to work with Eminem. He creates an album The Slim Shady. This album was released in 1999. The album is super hit and Eminem is very famous in people.

Do you know: Eminem also known as the magician of words. When Eminem starts writing a song he sits 20 hours in a row in his studio. Eminem has a huge carriage of know about English words that's why he always read the dictionary. Eminem always follow this habit.

To highlight childhood Eminem release an album Brain Damage. This album was a few controversial because in this album he tells about D'Angelo Barry who beaten brutally him in childhood. After the releasing of album Barry started decorating everywhere that why she defamation court case of 1 million dollars against Eminem but she lost that case.

Inspiration from Eminem:

What is the biography of Eminem?

After Rap God Eminem also try in acting and made 8 Mile movie which was totally based upon Eminem's life story.  Eminem also writes 2 very famous books. Eminem doing all his work full of stubbornly and that's why he succeeded in every field that he was doing. Eminem won 15 Grammy awards.

The Marshall Mathers LP is the fastest-selling album in US history. In 2013 release song Rap God Eminem rap 4.28 words in a second which is the Guinness world record. Rap 100 words in 16 seconds is also held by Eminem. He is the first rapper in all over the world to won Academy award and MTV Global Icon award. In the end, I can only say that no matter how many problems you are facing in your life till now never give up.

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