What is the Biography of Roman Reigns?

What is the monthly income of Roman reigns?What is the Biography of Roman Reigns?

Many great wrestling players are entering WWE but few of them become all-time greatest. LT Joseph "Joe" Anovaai mainly famous has his ring name Roman Reigns is an American professional wrestler who is part of WWE as WWE superstars. Roman Reigns is also an actor and former professional gridiron football player. Roman reigns are the part of Anoa'i family where many WWE superstars are the part of this family like The rock, Naya jacks, Umaga, The USO, Rikishi and many moreRoman Reigns are currently signed for WWE brand SmackDown live as a full-time professional wrestler.

 Roman Reigns are the grand slam champion in WWE means that Roman reigns can win all the titles in WWE. When Roman reigns are WWE universal champion he is suffering from leukemia. He shares it official on Monday night RAW with the whole world. It was the heartbreaking moment for WWE fans all over the world and especially for Roman reigns and his family.

Everyone prayers for Roman reigns to get well soon. After 6 months with full of blessing and prayers and good work of doctors, Roman reigns is finally come back in WWE by beating leukemia forever. Everybody in the WWE arena is on their feet and chatting welcome back Roman Reigns you did it.

 After months Roman reigns come back to his home Monday night RAW and address WWE universe he is in the mission and the whole WWE universe is very happy. Roman reigns is a former football player he playing college football for Georgia Tech. Roman reigns started his football professional career with the Minnesota Vikings and Jacksonville Jaguars of the National Football League in 2007. He is playing in a defensive tackle position. Roman Reigns also played a full season for Canadian Football Leagues(CFL) Edmonton Eskimos in 2008 before retiring in football.

Early Life of Roman Reigns:

What is the monthly income of Roman reigns?What is the Biography of Roman Reigns?

Roman reigns were born on 25 May 1985 in PensacolaFlorida U.S.A.  Roman Reigns father Sika Anoa'i is a former WWE superstar. Roman reigns mother's name is Patricia A. Anoa'i. Roman Reigns complete his graduation at Georgia institute of college. In 2010 Roman Reigns sign a contract with WWE. After that, he becomes a part of the Florida Championship Wrestling. On 9 September 2010 Roman Reigns starting his professional wrestling. At that time his ring name is Roman Leakee but he lost his first match. After that Roman reigns fight with Idol Stevens and Wes Brisco but he lost all the matches.

On 21 September 2010 Roman reigns broke his losing streak and win his first match by beating FAHD Rakman and the remaining year he spent in tag team matches. After that, he participates in 30 men grand royal rumble but he also loose in this match. In 2011 Roman reigns made a tag team with Donny Marlow but this tag team is also lost.

 At this time nothing is good for Roman reigns but he never gives up. In January 2011, Roman reigns beat LEO Kruger who was the FCW champion at that time and prove that he can beat anybody. In that year on  5 February, he beats Seth Rollins and Dean Ambrose and after that Roman reigns create a tag team with Mike Dalton and win Florida tag team championship. In this year WWE changes FCW name into NXT and at that time Roman  Leakee changes his name into Roman reigns.

Life-changing Movement for Romain Rings:

What is the monthly income of Roman reigns?What is the Biography of Roman Reigns?

 On 31 October with this name, Roman Reigns beat CJ Parker. In December 2012 Roman Reigns make a team with Dean Ambrose and Seth Rollins. The name of this team is The Shield. It is the most destructive team in WWE history and most loved teams by the WWE universe. The shield made their debut on Survivor Series and won their first match in WWE.

The Shield gets together from 2012-2014. The Shield is broken by Seth Rollins in 2014. The Roman Reigns was very angry with Seth Rollins by breaking The Shield and a match has come between Seth Rollins and Roman Reigns but due to shoulder surgery Roman Reigns could not compete in this match and Seth Rollins declares the winner.

 On 8 December 2014 Roman reigns coming back in WWE ring and he becomes the WWE superstar of the year in 2014. After that Roman Reigns never look back. Roman Reigns won his first WWE world heavyweight championship by beating Dean Ambrose. On 3 April 2016 on the grandest stage, they all in WrestleMania Roman Reigns beat Triple H and become times WWE world heavyweight champion.

  Roman Reigns are the only superstar in WWE history who main event WrestleMania 4 times in a row. In December 2014 Roman Reigns married with love of his life Galina Becker. Roman Reigns and Galina Becker have a beautiful daughter name Joelle Anoa'i.

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