What is the Biography of Ratan Tata?

What is the monthly income of Ratan Tata?What is the Biography of Ratan Tata?

 Success is the best revenge, and  Ratan Tata is the best example of this line. Once upon a time, Tata group launched his car Tata Indicom in 1998, it was the dream project of Ratan Tata, and he gave a lot of hard work to establish this car, but Indica car fails in the market, and due to this car, TATA motors is in low profit. 

Ratan Tata partnership members give advice to Ratan Tata that he should sell his company to get lost money. Ratan Tata did not want to sell his company, but he has no other option left, so he goes to Ford company to sell his company. The headquarter of the Ford company is in America.

With Ford company  Ratan Tata and his partners meeting 3 hours. Ford company chairman William Clay Ford Jr. show rude behavior with Ratan Tata. He said to Ratan Tata that if you don't have any knowledge of this business so why you invest so much money in this indigo car? We just to do a fever to buy your company. 

These lines hurt Ratan Tata very much, and he takes flight and comes back without selling his company. Ratan Tata does not forget what William Clay Ford Jr. said to him. After that, Ratan Tata decided that he would not sell his company to anyone.

Revenge took by Ratan Tata:

What is the monthly income of Ratan Tata?What is the Biography of Ratan Tata?

 Ratan Tata gives all his energy and hard work to stand Tata motor, and his hard work is a success. Tata motor cars selling very fast in the market and earn too much profit. On the other side, the Ford company is going in loss. 

At the end of 2018, Ford company is in the stage of shutting down. At this time, Ratan Tata proposes Ford company that he will buy  Ford luxury cars Jaguar and Range Rover and gave too much money for those cars.

William clay ford is in huge loss due to these two cars Range Rover and Jaguar, and he will happily accept the proposed of Ratan Tata. William clay ford will go to the head office of  Ratan Tata company with his partners. The past is repeating the same, but the person and place are changed. 

In a meeting, the owner of companies decided that 9300 crore rupees Jaguar and Range Rover, are part of the Tata motor company. At this time, William clay ford repeats the line that he says in the past with the few changes he says to Ratan Tata, you can give me a favor to buy Range Rover and Jaguar Cars.

Today Jaguar and Range Rover are part of the Tata motors company and grow with colossal profit day by day. If Ratan Tata wants to shut the mouth of William clay ford in the meeting as remembering his past, he will do it, but he doesn't do that because Ratan Tata was not in the intoxication of success. 

When a person humiliates, he is angry, but the great person has used their anger to become successful.

Ratan Tata Biography:

What is the monthly income of Ratan Tata?What is the Biography of Ratan Tata?

Ratan Tata was born on December 28December 28, 1937, in Bombay, now Mumbai, located in India. Ratan Tata's father names SH. Naval Tata and mother name SmtSonu Tata. Ratan Tata completed his graduation in Bachelor in Architect in 1959.

 After completing his graduation, Ratan Tata started his career with the TATA group national Radio and electronics company limited (NELCO). Ratan suggests that the company should invest in the development of High tech products rather than consumer electronics.

JRD( Jahangir Ratanji  Dadabhai Tata), who was the owner of Tata company that time when Ratan took charge of the work consumer electronics NELCO market share was 2%, and loss was 40% of the sale.  Now JRD follows Ratan's suggestion.

 In 1981 Ratan become the chairman of Tata industries and other group Holdings company. Now everything of Tata industries is under Ratan Tata.  Ratan Tata dreams of building a car under 1 lakh and give it to for every poor person who won't buy an expensive car. On January 10, 2008, Ratan Tata completed his dream project and launched a Nano car. 

On March 26March 26, 2008, Tata motors under Ratan Tata bought Jaguar and Land Rover in $2.3 billion from Ford motor company. Ratan Tata won national awards Padma Bhushan, Padma Shri Awardees. 

These awards are given to Ratan Tata on February 14February 14, 2008, at a function in Mumbai. Ratan Tata is one of the most respectful people in the world. Ratan Tata is still single; he was not married due to some personal reasons. 

Ratan Tata is a very kind person. He donates the maximum income of the Tata industry in NGOs for helping poor people. If Ratan Tata does not present his money in NGO, he will be the wealthiest person in India.     

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