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What is the Biography of Luis Fonsi?

What is the monthly income of Luis Fonsi?What is the Biography of Luis Fonsi?

Luis Fonsi is one of the most popular singers of all time. Louis Fonsi is a songwriter and singer. Luis Fonsi song Despacito is the most viewed song in YouTube history. Despacito viewing on YouTube more than 7 billion, and the view of this song is increasing day by day, and it is the most-watched song on youtube.

 Despacito's song totally changed Luis Fonsi Life. On 12 January 2007, Despacito's music was published on YouTube. After Despacito publishing on YouTube, it can break all the records. Despacito song popularity is all over the world, and many countries people can create Parody of this song in their language.

Do you know: Luis Fonsi Despacito song won 4 Latin Grammy Awards single-handedly and it is the bigest achievement for any song.  Despacito song is created with the rapper Daddy Yankee. A few months ago a bad news comes for this song lover. When a small mistake in cybersecurity hackers deletes this song. For some hour Despacito song original video is not available on YouTube but after many tries, this song has come back in YouTube. As of 2018, Luis Fonsi has broken 6 Guinness book record. Luis Fonsi sold more than 11 million records with Despacito song.

Luis Fonsi Biography:

What is the monthly income of Luis Fonsi?What is the Biography of Luis Fonsi?

Luis Fonsi was born on 15 April 1978 in Puerto Rico, San Juan. Luis Fonsi's father name Alfonso Rodriguez and mother name Delia Rodriguez. Luis Fonsi also has a younger brother and younger sister.

Luis Fonsi loves music at an early age, and he follows the Menudo band, and here Luis Fonsi decided to become a singer. For accomplishing his dream, Luis Fonsi joins San Juan Children's Choir here basically 6 years students are allowed.

 Luis Fonsi completed his school study from Dr. Phillips high school. At that time, Luis Fonsi joins the Big Guys group, and this group singing in school parties.

Due to this group, Luis Fonsi has a crowd experience at a very early age. After that, with seeing his talent, Luis Fonsi got a scholarship for his music study, and he takes admission to Florida State University.

 In this university, Luis Fonsi got a chance to sing in different countries. After some time, Luis Fonsi signs a contract with music recording company Universal Music Latin. In 1998 Luis Fonsi's first album was released, and the name of the album is Comenzare. This album was trendy and 11 on Billboard's Top Latin albums chart.

The turning point of Luis Fonsi Life:

What is the monthly income of Luis Fonsi?What is the Biography of Luis Fonsi?

In 2004 Luis Fonsi, another album release and the name of the album his Eterno. This album is also loved by many peoples. After that, many albums of Luis Fonsi was released. Luis Fonsi is now very popular in his country.

The people who get killed in the 9/11 attack Luis Fonsi give tribute to them to perform in the White House. In 2008 Luis Fonsi sing-song  No Me Duy Por Vencido was a huge hit all over the world. This song is also known as the Latin song of the decade.

In 2009 Luis Fonsi won the Latin Grammy award for  Aqui Estoy Yo song. The song which famous Luis Fonsi all over the world comes in 2017 and the name of the song is Despacito. This song is recorded in 2016 and released on 12 January 2017. 

This song becomes number in Billboard hot 100 after the 1996 Spanish music. On 17 April 2017, Justin Bieber released the Despacito remix version, and it can be got 20 million views on YouTube less than an hour.

If we talking about Luis Fonsi's personal life, he married two times, first with Adamari in 2006, but they took divorce in 2010. After that, Luis Fonsi married Agueda Lopez in 2014. Luis Fonsi has 2 children.

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