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What is the Biography of Justin Bieber?

What is the Biography of Justin Bieber?

Music is the best thing to relax, saying something from your emotions, say your feeling with the world. It is the singer who makes music a sense. Talking about singer the first thing comes in our mind is one of the greatest singer ever in the world Justin Bieber. 

He broke many singing records at a very small age with his talent and hard work. At the age of 23, Justin Bieber won 1 Grammy award, 8 MTV award, 13 billboard music awards, and many more.

 On Twitter Justin Bieber has 106 Million followers and Justin Bieber Facebook page has 8 million likes and his Instagram account has more than 13Million followers. When Justin Bieber any song album release it can superhit in all over the world.

  In Justin Bieber's huge success YouTube also plays a main role in it. Justin Bieber is a singer, songwriter, and actor.

Justin Bieber Biography:

What is the Biography of Justin Bieber?

 Justin Bieber was born on 1 March 1994 in Ontario, London. Justin Bieber's mother's name is Patricia Malait and his father's name is Jeremy Bieber. 

His parents never married each other but they always close to each other to make their children a happy life. Justin Bieber completing his Schooling study on Jit Sabhik School of Satrotord. 

Bieber is very interested in music at an early age and he started learning piano, drum, guitar. To see Justin Bieber's diligence in music his mother fully spotted him. 

At the age of 12 years, Justin Bieber takes to participate in straight ford local singing competition where Justin Bieber was a runner up. Slowly-slowly Justin Bieber is very famous in his area as a singer.

Justin Bieber started doing many stage shows. Justin Bieber sings the American singer ne-yo song "so sick".  His mother records all his shows and shares with her family and on YouTube

After some time with Justin Bieber singing, the song is liked by all countries. Justin Bieber was searched by Scooter Brown in 2008 who watched Justin Bieber video on YouTube and later become his manager.

Scooter Brown searching a singer for his album and he watches YouTube and sees Justin Bieber's song and he likes his voice so he contacts his mother he calls his mother on the phone and said that he wanted Justin Bieber to sing a song for his album.

Justin Bieber becomes the best and most popular singer:

What is the Biography of Justin Bieber?

Patricia was very happy but he won't believe that he got a call from Scooter Brown she thinks that someone doing a prank but she re-confirm it and fully sure that Scooter Brown calls him for a recording demo tape. Justin Bieber goes to Ashtar in Atlanta. After one week of demo Justin Bieber start singing for the album.

In 2009 Justin Bieber's first song "One time" was released On Air radio station. This song broke all the records after the release of one week. 

One Time song reached number 12 on the Canadian hot 100 during its first week. This song is certified as platinum in Canada, and gold in America, UK, New Zealand.

On 19 March 2010, Justin Bieber's first full studio album My world 2.0 release and the maximum song of this album was in the top hundred hot list of the billboard. This album "Baby" song was world-famous and Justin Bieber never looks back. At his jump to play age, Justin Bieber won many big awards.

 The 'Baby' song of Justin Bieber was the most watch song on YouTube for many years. Justin Bieber won the Grammy award in 2016 for Best dance recording.

 Justin Bieber sings many Great songs. Justin Bieber was in love with Selena Gomez since December 2010 and unfortunately, they broke up in November 2012. Justin Bieber married with Hailey Rhode Bieber in 2018. 

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