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What is the Biography of Jackie Chan?

What is the monthly income of Jackie Chan?What is the Biography of Jackie Chan?

Jackie Chan's real name is Chan Kong Sang. Many people know him as Jackie Chan and some people know him as  YUEN Lou and Big Brother.  Jackie Chan is a Martial Artist, actor, producer, director, screenwriter, stunt director, action choreographer, singer. 

Jackie Chan was born on 7 April 1954 in Hong Kong, China.  Jackie Chan and his parents shifted to Australia after his birth. Jackie Chan's father was the head cook in the American Embassy. Jackie Chan loves to see his father when he cooking.

Early life of Jackie Chan: 

What is the Biography of Jackie Chan?
In Jackie Chan school time he fails in early class and his father sends him to Hong Kong and takes his admission to board school. Jackie Chan does not like study but he has a huge interest in martial art and singing.

 Jackie Chan decided to make his career in singing and martial art. In school time Jackie Chan was the part of seven little fortunes group and this was the group of best students. From here Jackie Chan starting doing a role in a movie. When he was  8 years old he starts work in The Love Eterne and Comes Drink With Me movies.

Jackie Chan won the black belt in martial art. Jackie Chan also learns Karate Judo, Taekwondo. When Jackie Chan doing this he does not complete his education. At that time Jackie Chan's parents were lived in Australia and he lived in Hong Kong lonely. When Jackie Chan was 17 years old he starts doing acting in movies as a stuntman.

 He entering the Dragon movie Jackie Chan work with Bruce Lee and Jackie Chan said in an interview it was an honor to work with Bruce Lee. The first movie of Jackie Chan as a leading actor is The Cub Tiger from Kwang Tung which was a flop movie.

 After that Jackie Chan has no work. For surviving Jackie Chan work in an adult movie and it was the only movie of Jackie Chan which has no stunts and action he only doing this movie because he has no option left at that time.

Tough time of Jackie Chan Life:

What is the monthly income of Jackie Chan?What is the Biography of Jackie Chan?

In 1976 Jackie Chan admission in Dickson College and also doing part-time construction work. In this construction of builder name was Jack and after that time everyone calling me starting little Jack Jackie and from here he is known as Jackie Chan. 

When Jackie Chan doing construction work he receives a telegram from Willie Chain he gave Jackie Chan a film offer. Willie Chain was very happy to see Jackie Chan's previous movie stunts.

Jackie Chan made another movie with Willie Chain but this was also a flop movie. Due to Jackie Chan stunts, he gave a small role in many movies. In 1978 Jackie Chan work in Snake in the eagle's shadow movie and the film director said to Jackie Chan do your own mind creativity in your stunts and this movie was the first hit of Jackie Chan's career.

In 1981 Jackie Chan doing many Hollywood movies but his all films are flop. Jackie Chan decided that he will work in Hong Kong cinema. After that Jackie Chan work in The young master movie and it breaks all the records including Bruce Lee movies. Jackie Chan has become the biggest actor in China.

Jackie Chan gets up early at 4 a.m. and start doing his martial art training and go to set in 6:00 a.m. Jackie Chan said that when I reached in the set I only think that I give my best to entertain the audience doesn't matter the movie is hit or flop.

 Jackie Chan can fracture maximum all his body parts during stunts even broke his ribs many times and that's why no company gives insurance to Jackie Chan.

The turning point of Jackie Chain Life:

What is the monthly income of Jackie Chan?What is the Biography of Jackie Chan?

Jackie Chan holds the Guinness book world record for the most stunt by a living actor. Jackie Chan is the only actor in the world who won Oscar and India IFA award and also won many awards in Hong Kong cinema.

 Jackie Chan said that his fans smile is the best award for him. Jackie Chan loves music at an early age and he has more than 20 songs album. 

Jackie Chan is the only actor in the world who speak many country languages. Jackie Chan said that he always doing an action for his fans all over the world. The most loving thing he doing in movies is action. Jackie Chan also comes in The Kapil Sharma show for promoting his movie  Kung Fu Yoga.

In 1982 Jackie Chan married with love of his life Lin Feng- Jiao. They have son Jaycee Chain born in 1982. Jaycee Chain is an actor and singer. Jackie Chan is the brand ambassador of Anti Drug Goodwill in China. Jackie Chan was in big shock when he knows that his own son Jaycee Chain was a drug editor he admits that he did it for 8 years. 

Jackie Chan was fully broken from inside he did not believe that his own son doing this. Jackie Chan said that hey don't use his popularity and his money to save his child from 6 months of prison. Jackie Chan never to bow one's head in his life but due to his own son, he apologizes publicly. 

After that Jackie Chan, son Jaycee Chain promise his father that he never ever take in drugs again in his life.

Life Lesson from Jackie Chain Life:

What is the monthly income of Jackie Chan?What is the Biography of Jackie Chan?

 In 2011 Jackie Chan announce after his death his half-life earning gives to charity. In 1999 Jackie Chan has an affair with Miss Asia and they have a daughter Etta Ng Chok Lam and Miss Asia said that he lonely take his daughter responsibilities.

Jackie Chan said that it was my biggest mistake that I involve her life and I am sorry for that I am also doing mistakes because I am also a human being. Jackie Chan is the Goodwill Ambassador of Unicef. Jackie Chan also works for disaster relief and doing the campaign for animal abuse. Jackie Chan's stuntman association gives medical coverage to stuntmen.

Jackie Chan said that he does not get a good education that's why he open schools for poor children in China. Jackie Chan Science Centre is specially made for research. Jackie Chan is also the sportsperson of the Hong Kong government.

Jackie Chan said that if we had more than enough we will share it with others to help them and that's how we make peace all over the world. Jackie Chan said that after my death people remember me as brave full, fun, and nice Jackie Chain. If you want some Life lesson from Jackie Chan then never give up in your life.

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