What is the Biography of Buju Raveendran?

What is the monthly income of Buju Raveendran?What is the biography of Buju Raveendran?

You can achieve big with your hard work and diligence and many people can prove this sentence true. We all hear the name of Byju's The Learning app and in fact, you can see byju's the learning app ads on TV but few people know about the man behind Byju's. It is a Bangalore based educational technology and online tuition firm. The starting of Byju's is in 2011 at that time few people know about Byju's but year by year byju's growing very fast and now byju's become the world's biggest educational company.

Today Buju's is on top but the starting of byju's is by the Indian person Byju Raveendran. Today byju's company has more than 30000 employees. Shahrukh Khan is the brand ambassador of Byju's. It was the world's most valued educational technology company in March 2019 with the net worth of Rupees 37,000 crore($5.4 billion). Buju is now the official sponsor of the Indian cricket team. Buju's acquire Indian cricket teams Jersey right in July 2019.

Byju Raveendran biography:
What is the monthly income of Buju Raveendran?What is the biography of Buju Raveendran?

Byju Raveendran was born in 1980 in AzhikodeKanpur in a big middle-class family. His father name Raveendran and his mother name Shobana and both are teachers. Byju said in the interview that he did not like to study very much at his early age but he has created interest in sports special in football and cricket and for playing sports he bunk classes many time.

Byju parents never made pressure on him regarding the study because his father thinks that you can learn more outside the class. Raveendran doing his schooling study on Malayalam medium school and Raveendran math was very strong. Raveendran learns English from cricket commentary. After completing his graduation in engineering Byju got a job in the multi-international company and he gets a good salary from there.

Regarding any work, Byju is coming back to Bangalore where his friends preparing for the CAT exam. Buju is very good at maths so his friends say Byju to help them in the cat test. Buju helps his friends in the study and for fun, he fills the CAT form and Buju Raveendran score 100% in this exam but he has no interest in MBA  so he comes back.

 In 2005 when Buju Raveendran come back in India his friends again wants to his help. He is in Bangalore for six months and he prepares 10000 students in six weeks. The starting workshop of Buju Raveendran is free but if people like his classes they pay him. When Buju Raveendran realize that he had a great response from people he wanted to start his career in the teaching line and he left his job.

The success story of BYJU'S:

What is the monthly income of Buju Raveendran?What is the biography of Buju Raveendran?

Buju Raveendran starts studying in or 5 cities and he becomes very popular and sometimes he also gives the classes in the stadium. Buju Raveendran earns more money from his teaching as compared to his job. At this time his student changes his class name into Buju's classes. When Buju teaching higher education classes he realizes that the education base is not good in India and he fully focuses upon school children.

 In 2011 he opens To think and Learn the company and company have huge success. In 2015 Raveendran launch Buju's The learning app and with his 1st year 55 lakh people downloaded Buju's the learning app. By seeing this app popularity Buju's has many investors. After investors, the growth of Buju's company is on the top. Buju Raveendran married with Divya Gokulnath.

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