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What is the Biography of Bohemia?

What is the monthly income of Bohemia?What is the Biography of Bohemia?

Bohemia is known as King of Punjabi (Desi) Hip-Hop. Bohemia's real name is Roger David. Bohemia releases his first Punjabi album in 2002 the name of the album is Vich Paradesa DE. After that Bohemia become the first-ever Punjabi rapper. Bohemia was also is known as the inventor of Desi Hip-Hop. Bohemia works very hard to become a rapper. Bohemia's life story made him special than others. Bohemia was born on 15 October 1979 in Karachi, Pakistan. Bohemia's father works on Pakistan international airline. Bohemia's childhood spends on Lahore and Peshawar. When Bohemia was 14 years old his father shifted in New York, America with his family.

Bohemia Biography:

What is the monthly income of Bohemia?What is the Biography of Bohemia?

At that time Bohemia father buys a musical keyboard for him and from that day Bohemia has a great interest in music. Bohemia likes to sing classical music and poetry. Bohemia also writes the song in Punjabi and Urdu language. When Bohemia was 15 years old his mother has died (rest in peace) and it was the shocking movement for Bohemia and he goes in depression. After sometime Bohemia's relation with his father was not good and he left his home. Now Bohemia is on America road where Bohemia spends a maximum month in the bus stand and car parking places.

Do you know: In an interview, Bohemia said that at the time when I left home there were only 25 cents in my pocket and I was so hungry and with 25 cents I can buy only chewing gum and I was too much hungry so I eat that chewing gum. At that time Bohemia does not know English he only speaks Punjabi and Urdu languages.

After spending much time on roads slowly Bohemia has many friends and after that Bohemia lived with his friends' house. For eating free food and earn some money Bohemia starts playing his music keyboard at parties. Bohemia also sings his own written song with his friends. Slowly Bohemia is very popular in his city. After that Bohemia got a job in a good recording studio. Now everything is good in Bohemia's life but after some time his closest friend was killed. Bohemia is in big depression. Bohemia was very afraid. Bohemia thinks that he was also killed like his friend.

Life-Changing movement for Bohemia:

What is the monthly income of Bohemia?What is the Biography of Bohemia?

After that Bohemia stops performing and he gets drunk but Bohemia still writing song lyrics. After some month Bohemia made an album on his struggling life and the name of the album is Vich Pardesan De. This album was launched in 2002. People like this album very much. This album reached the Top 10 on BBC Radio UK. Bohemia was famous in India when he releases another album Paisa Nasha Pyar in 2006 with Universal Music Group. It was the first Punjabi album which was launched by the international level. After that Bohemia never look back. In 2009 Bohemia launched his third music album Da Rap Star which was nominated in UK Asian music award and PTC Punjabi music award.

In 2009 Bohemia does a Live Concert in many countries. Bohemia made his Bollywood debut with the title song of Chandni Chowk to China movie after that he sings many songs in Bollywood movies. In September 2012 Bohemia releases his fourth album Thousand Thoughts and this album won PTC music award. In 2017 Bohemia launch another album with T- series and the name of the album is Skull& Bones- The Final chapter. All things that Bohemia achieve in his life because of his struggle. Bohemia married with his love of life Sunny David.

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