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What is the monthly income of Rajnikanth? Rajinikanth.Biography

In India, the maximum movie releases on holiday and many great movies releasing in festival time the only reason behind that to get more audience into the theatres. Rajnikant is the only superstar in India whenever his movie releases it becomes a holiday. Rajnikant is a superstar, actorand God of Tamil cinema. Rajnikant worship like a God in Tamil Nadu. Rajinikanth was born on 12 December 1965 on Karnataka Bangalore. Rajnikant real name is Shivaji Rao Gaekwad. Rajinikanth father name is Ramoji Rao Gaekwad who was a police constable and his mother name is Jijabai who was a housewife. Rajnikant is the fourth and smallest children of his parents. In 1956 after the retirement of his father he was lived in Bangalore Hanumanth Nagar where Rajnikant father has his own house. Rajnikant start his schooling when he was 6 years old from Gavipuram government school.

The early life of Rajinikanth:

What is the monthly income of Rajnikanth? Rajinikanth.Biography

Rajnikant is very good in study and he has a huge interest in sports. When Rajinikanth was nine years old his mother passes away(Rest in Piece). After that, his brothers send him to Ramakrishna Mission. Rajnikant learns about Indian culture and also start participating in the drama. He plays the role of Eklavya friend in Mahabharata. People like Rajinikanth acting very much. The famous poet Dr. Bendre also come to watch this drama and he meets personally with Rajnikant and appreciates his acting. Now Rajnikant is very interesting in acting. After 6th class, Rajnikanth goes to Acharya  Public Pathshala and also participate in the drama. Rajinikanth decided to make his career in acting. When Rajnikant completes his schooling his family financial condition is very bad. Rajnikant start doing small works like coolie, carpenter and many other small works in Bangalore and Madras.

At that time in Bangalore transport service, a vacancy of bus conductor is available and Rajnikanth is selected for this job. Now Rajnikant family financial condition is good. Rajinikanth still doing Bus conductor job but it is fully opposite to his passion. At that time Rajnikant sees Madras film institute ad in the newspaper and he tells his home to become an actor but his family not supported him due to financial condition. Rajnikant friend Raj Bahadur see the courage of Rajnikanth to become an actor and he gives his maximum fees for  Rajnikanth admission in Madras film institute.

How Rajinikanth become a superstar?

What is the monthly income of Rajnikanth? Rajinikanth.Biography

Rajnikant left his Bus conductor job and start learning acting. For some money, he going to many places and doing acting. One day when Rajnikanth doing a role in drama the famous director K. Balachander see Rajnikant acting and he became very impressed with his acting and he signed Rajnikant for a movie and give suggestion for learning Tamil language. Rajinikanth starting learn the Tamil language. In 1975 Rajnikant work in his first debut movie Apoorva Raagangal as a villain. People like Rajnikant acting very much and Rajnikant got a role in another movie and after that, he never looks back.

With his unique acting skills, Rajnikant becomes the superstar of Tamil cinema. At that time he meets with Latha who come for her college magazine for interview of Rajnikanth. When Rajnikant sees Latha Rangachari he is in love with her. On 26 February 1981 Rajinikanth marriage with Latha and they both have two children's Aishwarya R.Dhanush and Soundarya Rajinikanth. After successful in Tollywood Rajnikant start work in Bollywood. Rajnikant first Bollywood movie is with Amitabh Bachchan the name of the movie is Andha Kanoon and after that, he has done many movies in Bollywood and become a Super-star of India. The best part of Rajnikanth is that he is the biggest superstar in India and he is down to earthSimplicity is the key to success.

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