Narendra Modi Biography?

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Narendra Modi

People who live for their respect they are afraid of losing their respect.  I am dying for India respect and that the reason  I am not afraid of anybody. These words telling by the one of the greatest power in the world the India most famous president Narendra Modi. Narendra Modi should be love or hate by India politics but you can not underestimate the work that he can do for the great nation India. Friends Narendra Modi life started in a very normal way but with a lot of hard work his focus he will become a great successful person that you cannot imagine. Narendra Modi was born in a very poor family. when he was a kid he didn't go to playing like other children. At that time we can go to his father tea shop and can work with his father. He goes to the train and sells the tea. Friends if you have the confidence to do something great for your country then you should do it. 

The early life of Narendra Modi

 Narendra Modi was born 17 September  1950 at Bombay state in Vadnagar village. Friends do you know Bombay is a state but in on, May 1960 Bombay state was split into the Two States of Gujarat and Maharashtra. Now that area is in Gujarat show Narendra Modi was born in Gujarat. The name of Narendra Modi father is Damodardas Mulchand Modi. The name of the Narendra Modi mother is Herren Modi. At that time his family is very poor. He lives in a small poor house. Narendra Modi is the third son of his mother and father. Narendra Modi father has a tea shop beside the railway station where Narendra Modi also work. with the help of his father at the tea shop he also cares about his studies. Narendra Modi Teacher said that he is the fair student in the studies but he should participate in lecture and other activities. Narendra Modi likes playing games in school time. Narendra Modi completes his school at vinegar.

Highlights of Narendra Modi Life

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At the age of 13 years, Narendra Modi engaged with Jashodaben Narendrabhai Modi and at the age of 17, they got married.

At the news of Financial Express Narendra Modi and Jashoda Modi spend some time with each other but after sometime Narendra Modi decided to go away and then both are unknown to each other but  the writer of Narendra Modi biography not agree with this line  he said Narendra Modi and Jashoda Modi married but they cannot live with each other.

 After a few time of marriage, Narendra Modi walks away from home and it is the end of their marriage.

 According to  Narendra Modi a comparison to the unmarried man and a married man the unmarried man can more fight with the corruption than a married man.

 An unmarried person could fight against corruption more aggressively. Unmarried men want worried about his children. At an early age, Narendra Modi has a great love for his Nation.

 In 1962 when India and China were at that time going to the train and give food and Tea to the Army person.

In 1971 he is the member of RSS and he spends his whole time two doing the publicity of RSS. Hey get up at 5 A.M and worked up tonight in RSS.

 As the publisher, he meets with the Gujarat people and discusses the problem that they face.

Narendra Modi also gave his time in Bharatiya Janata Party BJP to make the party strong.

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In 1975 at that time president Indira Gandhi had said emergency in many places and the RSS is Banded but Narendra Modi still doing his work and help country people. He will make a voice against the wrong decision of the government.

At that time Narendra Modi wrote a book the name of the book is Sangharsh Gujarat. In this book, Narendra Modi writes about the politics of Gujarat.

In 1980  Narendra Modi completes his PG degree in Gujarat University.

RSS see the Narendra Modi work and promote him to BJP party with the hard work he becomes a strong member of BJP party.

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How Narendra Modi become Chief Minister of Gujarat.

 In 1995 BJP won the election in Gujarat. In October 2001 Narendra Modi becomes the Chief Minister of Gujarat.

7 October 2001 Narendra Modi starts his work as the Chief Minister of Gujarat. After that Narendra Modi wins the election against Ashwin Mehta in a big margin.

At the place of Chief Minister of Gujarat Narendra Modi doing his work with full honesty and make Gujarat strong and one of the most developed state.

 He can bring electricity to all the villages of Gujarat. He makes tourism strong. It is the first time in India that all the river of one state are just United to each other and there is no problem of water in Gujarat.

The development of Asia biggest solar path is in Gujarat.

Narendra Modi makes  Gujarat the most developed state in India.

Narendra Modi is the most popular Chief Minister of Gujarat. March 2002.

Narendra Modi become 4 times chief minister in Gujarat

Gujarat Godhra Railway Kand

Gujarat Godhra Railway Kand Narendra Modi name was attached to it. For this happening, The New York Times makes blame to Narendra Modi party. The Congress Party and other party wanted to Narendra Modi resign. Due to this lot of problem happens in Gujarat.

 59 people died in Godhra Railway kand. 28 February 2002 by the happening of Godhra Railway kand situation of Gujarat is not under control and 1200 people are dead. This case is going to the High Court. In December 2010 the high court made his decision and said there is no evidence against Narendra Modi. 

 Due to this reason, America does not give a passport to Narendra Modi when he is the Chief Minister of Gujarat.

How Narendra Modi Become Prime Minister of India

Important Line's 

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As the see of Narendra  Modi success in Gujarat, the senior member of BJP party decided that Narendra Modi will stand in the election of prime minister in 2014. Narendra Modi wins the Prime Minister election with a huge amount of vote. Narendra Modi becomes 15th Prime Minister of India.

Narendra Modi is a very hard worker person. Narendra Modi works 18 hours a day. Narendra Modi said that a hard-working person never tried it gave us satisfaction. Narendra Modi is a pure vegetarian.

Narendra Modi can do fast in 9 days of Navratri. Narendra Modi doing yoga daily no matter where he goes. Narendra Modi loves his mother too much. Narendra Modi said that I have no money for my grandparents and I am not wanting that money. if I have anything that is my mother blessing. Narendra Modi going anywhere in the world he only speaks in Hindi and makes India proud.

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