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Can we use affiliate marketing ads and Google Adsense ads on the same website?

can be use affiliate marketing ads and google ad on the same webpage

Google AdSense and affiliate marketing is the most common thing that can discuss everywhere on the internet.

People confuse what we should choose affiliate marketing ads or Google AdSense ads or either both on the same website.

But the most common question still in their mind if we use Google AdSense with affiliate marketing, does it can violet the policy of Google AdSense.

Can we use affiliate marketing ads and Google AdSense ads on the same website?

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Yes, we can use affiliate and Google AdSense ads on the same website, and it does not violet the Google AdSense policy. Let take an example of Amazon affiliate marketing.

You can use Amazon affiliate marketing ad with Google AdSense account on the same web page. Don't post more ads than your content. If you do that, your AdSense accounts should be banned.

In which platform we earn more money, Google AdSense, or affiliate marketings?

In a survey, affiliate marketing pays more money than Google AdSense even Harsh Agarwal, the top blogger of India, said that you can earn more money in affiliate marketing than Google AdSense.

Affiliate ads are more attractive than Google Adsense ads and generate more money than Google Adsense.

Who is a more secure Google  AdSense or affiliate market?

Affiliate marketing is more secure than Google AdSense because, in Google AdSense, you can follow the Google AdSense policy if you doing something wrong in Google AdSense by mistake.

If it can violate the Google policy, your Google AdSense account is suspended(banned).

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Which platform is the easiest way to earn money on Google AdSense or affiliate marketing?

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Affiliate marketing is the easiest way to earn money as compared to Google AdSense.

In Google AdSense, you need to write 15 articles of 800 words and upload non-copyright images and waiting for some week to get Google AdSense approval to show ad on your website. 

In contrast, in the case of affiliate marketing, you can offer affiliate marketing ads on your website within a few minutes.

What are the monthly income of Google AdSense person and affiliate marketing person?

The average income of Google AdSense person is 70000 rupees per month, while in the case of affiliate marketing, the average income is 1.5 lakh(rupees) per month.

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  2. I got experience about this article, google adsense dont show ads on page on affiliate article for example review about bitcoin amke put some affiliate link there. So we confiused about google adsense policy.

    1. That's not true if bitcoin violate Google Adsense policy then ads are not shown on that page if it doesn't then both affiliate and google ads are show on your site page on same time.

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