Where is the concept of YouTube come from?

Where is the concept of YouTube come from?


Friends today we discuss the world biggest video company YouTube where you can watch many videos every day every minute or every second. YouTube is the second largest search engine in the world. In Alexa global ranking YouTube is in 2nd place. This platform gives us the opportunity to show your talent to worlds with the help of your videos.  In today world you have the solution to your problem in YouTube. If you want to know anything just search on YouTube and millions of video is in your phones, laptops.

Let's Start:

Where is the concept of YouTube come from:

The starting of YouTube by the 3 former employees of PayPal company.

The name of the employee is Chad Hurley, Steve Chen, Jawed Karim.

Before work in Paypal Harley study in Indiana University of Pennsylvania and Javed and Steve studied in a University of Illinois.

The concept of YouTube is come from starting of 2005 according to media.

There is a party in Steve apartment they record a video but there is the problem in sharing because Javed was not coming in the party and he wanted to enjoy the party with seeing the video.

The problem of that solution they take a decision to create a video sharing website.

Where large files are sent easily to another person.

But Javed said that the concept of YouTube comes from 2004.

When in a concert Jenet Jackson cloth removes from her breast and Javed wanted to see that video but Javed does not see that video.

Javed thinks how many people want to see those type of video.

So Javed decided to create a source to see videos easily.

Javed discusses his idea with his friends Steve and Chad.

They inspire with hot or not website which is an online dating website created by Mark Zuckerberg.

The domain of youtube.com was registered in 2005.

The first video uploaded in YouTube on 23 April 2005 and the title of that video is Me at the zoo which is shot by Javed at San Diego Zoo.

This video is still available on YouTube.

How YouTube become the second largest search engine in the world:

From November 2005 to April 2006 YouTube found his investors and they invest 11.5 million dollars on YouTube.

The first head office of YouTube is in Saint Matthew at the top of a restaurant.

Secunia Captial company invest 3.5 million dollars on YouTube.

In December 2005 YouTube is officially launching and on that time 8 lakh view in YouTube per day.

In October 2006 Google said that they were Acquisition YouTube.

On 13 November 2006 Google officially Acquisition YouTube.

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How to earn money with YouTube:

 May 2007 there is starting of partner program of YouTube name AdSense.

At the policy of this program, the publisher can earn money for displaying the ad in his video.

The ratio of AdSense is that 44% is taken by YouTube and 54% given to the publisher.

In 2010 YouTube start online live streaming where they telecast live IPL matches.

31 March 2010 side has been changed to make user-friendly and at that time 2 Billion people visited in YouTube per day.

In January 2011 48 minute video, January 2012 60 minute video, add in 2017400 hours video was uploaded in YouTube.

The people who are struggling YouTube I suggest them that only focus upon his content because the content is the king and you will be successful in YouTube.

In a survey, if 70 people watching YouTube then 7 more people can watch YouTube it is a fact.

The CEO of Google Sundar Pichai said that YouTube is far bigger than TV.

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