Who is the owner of T-series?

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Friends T- series is the number one music company in India. T-series is one of the biggest music company in the world. With 60% market share T- series is remaining the success full company. T-series is starting from a smart shop. the man behind the T-series company is Gulshan Kumar. Gulshan Kumar faces many problems in his early life. But in few times with his hard work Gulshan Kumar become the successful person. Due to Gulshan Kumar success, his competitor was very sad. Gulshan Kumar killed by d company. The reason behind the Gulshan Grover death was his competitor. Gulshan Kumar was killed at the age of 41 years. Gulshan Kumar did so many great things in his life. Gulshan Kumar becomes an inspiration for many people.

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The story of T-series: 

The story started on 5 may 1956 the born date of Gulshan Kumar. Gulshan Kumar born in New Delhi. Gulshan Kumar father name was Chandrabhan Kumar. Gulshan Kumar father was a juice corner shop.

Gulshan Kumar also no doing the same thing to help his family. due to low profit in juice, his father starts the new business of cassettes. cassettes what's new in the market show the profit of the cassette is huge.

Gulshan Kumar father starts a music company names super cassette industry. Gulshan Kumar realizes that if he wants it to work for Bollywood company he should go to Mumbai.

In  1983 Gulshan Kumar change his company name T-series.

T-series release his first original track for lallu ram in 1984 but this album is flop album.

Gulshan Kumar decided to sing his own song for his T-series company.G Gulshan Kumar sings bhajan for T-series company that is a great hit.

In 1990 T-series create an album with Aashiqui movie which is the biggest hit for T-series company at that time.

20 million copies of Aashiqui album was sold by T-Series which is the one of the best selling by T- series.

This is the starting of the success for T-series company.

In 1997 T-series is become one of the best music company in Bollywood.

After the death of the Gulshan Kumar, the responsibility of the T-series company is in his brother and his son's shoulder.

T-series is the India most recorded song company.

Youtube Channel of T-series:

13 March 2006 T-series start his YouTube channel which is the second most watch and subscribe YouTube channel but in future t-series become number 1.

T-series upload his first YouTube video in 2010.

T-series YouTube channel has 70 million-plus subscriber which is growing day by day.

In the survey, the average T- series channel is 150000 subscriber per day.

Important Lines

From January 2018 to July 2018 t-series YouTube channel can earn more than 100 million dollars.

T-series is the first Indian channel to reach 80 million subscribers.

Soon this channel also becomes the number one YouTube channel in the world.

Gulshan Kumar becomes a great inspiration for millions of people with the example of T-series.

Now there is a big competition in YouTube PewDiePie vs T-series.

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