What is the monthly income of BB-Ki-Vines?

What is the monthly income of BB-Ki-Vines?

Bhuvan Bam

Let's Start

Many people do not know the name of Bhuvan but you all know about YouTube channel name BB ki vines. If you do not know about BB ki vines I can tell you about this. Bhuvan Bam is the owner of BB ki vines YouTube channel. Bhuvan Bam was born on 21 January 1994  in Delhi. Bhuvan Bam was born in the middle-class family. Bhuvan Bam does not like study but he should be known as the entertainer of his friend.

Bhuvan Bam success story:

Bhuvan wants to become a singer in his early life.

But in India, the parents think that his child done graduation for a bright future and then accomplish his passion.

For his parents wish Bhuvan Bam decided to continue his study until graduation.

When Bhuvan was in the first year of college he also starts to follow his passion.

Bhuvan start work as a magician in Delhi.

Bhuvan singing does not support by his family. Bhuvan starts learning music instrument from YouTube.

Bhuvan record song this song in his Facebook page and this song become fair response.

Foxstar watching Bhuvan song in his Facebook page and they call Bhuvan to sing a song for Foxstar company.

Bhuvan Bam very happy for here this news from Fox Star company.

Bhuvan Bam works very hard continuous 10 days and Sing 7 song for Fox Star company.

But Fox Star company didn't like Bhuvan bam song. It makes Bhuvan Bam so sad.

In Bhuvan Bam latest interview he said that never work free for anything no matter if it is your passion.

How Bhuvan Bam become famous:

One day Bhuvan Bam bought a new phone and he wanted to check is the front camera and he decided to shoot a funny video.

Bhuvan Bam uploaded this video in his YouTube channel name BB ki vines.

This video does not have a good response but Bhuvan does not stop and he shoots for more funny videos and uploaded this video in his YouTube channel.

Bhuvan friend says that this funny videos cannot work just change your passion but Bhuvan ignore these things and he can focus on his passion.

Bhuvan Bam 4th  funny videos got 15 likes it makes Bhuvan motivate one thing that people can watch his video.

Bhuvan Bam continuously uploads funny videos in his YouTube channel BB ki vines and his one funny video has viral in Pakistan university.

 Bhuvan Bam is only waiting for famous this funny videos in India.

Soon this funny videos can also viral in India and Bhuvan bam become the famous YouTube celebrity with his channel name BB ki vines.

Bhuvan Bam YouTube funny videos it was always trending on number 1 when Bhuvan uploaded a new funny video in his channel BB ki vines.

Last Line

When Bhuvan Bam was famous on YouTube he also accomplishes his dream to become a singer.

BB ki vines are the Second Indian channel on YouTube after T-series to hit 10 million subscribers on YouTube.

Bhuvan bam success story also teaches us the lesson of life never left your passion always follow your passion and you become successful in your field.

Choose your passion as your career.

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