How I get free Pizza from Dominoes?

How I get free Pizza from Dominoes?

Domino's Pizza

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Friends today we discuss the number on pizza in the world Dominoes. Domino's was started in 1960 in the USA. Domino's was started by Tom Monaghan and his brother James. They purchase daemonic name store. A deal was done by $500 down payment. They borrow $900 from friends and relatives to buy a store. At the starting point, both brothers decided to spend half- halftime in a shop.

How Domino's Company Start

But James did not want to lose his postman job and within 8 months James sells his business to his brother.

In 1965 Tom buys three more stores. Now Tom has three pizza store.

Tom decided the name of the other store is also Dominic but the real owner of Dominic say no to Tom.

Then one day his employee suggests the name dominos to Tom and Tom like this suggestion and changes the name of the brand to Dominoes.

Friends you see the three dots in company logo it represents the first three store of Domino's pizza.

Tom wanted to add 1 dots to each store but due to the huge success of Domino's it won't happen.

In 1967 Domino's open his first franchise store.

In 1978 Domino's has 200 stores.

 In 1983 Domino's open his first international store in Canada and at that time company has 1000 stores.

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Important Line's

Friends you are shocked to hear that 1,000 of Domino's stores are in India.

India is the second biggest food market for Dominoes in the world.

Domino's Indian flavour like paneer pizza, chicken tikka is also sold in international countries.

In 2012 company change his name from Domino's pizza to Domino's because the company wants to sell more product.

Now dominos have more than 2.5 lakh employees.

What is the yearly review of Dominoes?

Domino's 2016 revenue was 2.5 billion dollars.

It is very easy to start but it requires hard work and dedication to take it to the new height.

Is Dominos free after 30 minutes?


How I get free Pizza from Dominoes?

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