How much Kapil Sharma earn per episode?

How much Kapil Sharma earn per episode?

The Kapil Sharma

Friends today we discuss world number 1 comedian The Kapil Sharma. Every children women man and the older person know about Kapil Sharma for his comedy. Everybody likes to be happy because the smile is the best medicine of the pain and Kapil Sharma doing the same thing to make a smile on people faces. Kapil Sharma is in the top of the world but there is a story behind in his success.

Let's start:

The early life of Kapil Sharma:

Kapil Sharma was born on 2 April 1981 in Amritsar Punjab located in India.

Kapil Sharma father name was Jitender Kumar who is constable in Punjab Police.

Kapil is very naughty at his early age.

Kapil doing mimicry of any person at any place.

Kapil Sharma is like singing too much.

When he studies in secondary school Kapil hears that his father has 3rd stage cancer and his family was very said.

All money spend upon his father treatment and there is the huge problem of money for his family.

The situation of Kapil Sharma family was very bad and a time comes when Kapil Sharma has no money to pay his school fees.

At that tough situation, Kapil Sharma does not lose hope and start work in PCO to make money for himself.

Kapil Sharma completing his graduation from Hindu college.

At that time there is a very tough situation in Kapil Sharma life because his father is rest in peace.

There is no source of income for Kapil Sharma family because all money is spent on his father treatment.

Kapil Sharma father died on duty so one member of his family can work in Police.

Kapil Sharma mother wants that Kapil Sharma join the Punjab police but Kapil Sharma do not want to sacrifice with his passion and he says no so his brother can join the Punjab police.

At college time Kapil Sharma doing mimicry of his college teacher and there is a huge fan following of couple in college due to his mimicry.

How Kapil Sharma become a comedian:

When people appreciate his talent Kapil Sharma start his journey in comedy line.

At that time the great laughter show audition was open Kapil Sharma go there for the audition in first audition Kapil Sharma was rejected by the judges but Kapil Sharma does not lose hope he going there again and this time Kapil Sharma was selected.

Kapil Sharma was the winner of the Great Indian laughter challenge and he earns 10 lakh winning amount and spends this amount in his sister marriage.

Then Kapil Sharma starts working in the Comedy Circus and he is the winner of the first six seasons of Comedy Circus.

Kapil Sharma comedy was different to another comedian which makes him unique.

Kapil Sharma life was on the top but Kapil Sharma did not satisfy with this he wants to do something special.

Last Line's

He spent all his money to open his own production house name K9 production house.

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At that time with the help of colours channel, Kapil Sharma start his show Comedy Nights with Kapil.

This show becomes the number one comedy show.

The TRP of Kapil Sharma shows is always number 1.

This is the starting of Kapil Sharma success.

Now Kapil Sharma is one of the popular personality in the world.

Kapil Sharma was also a Bollywood actor his first movie   Kis Kisko Pyaar Karoon was a blockbuster hit.

Now Kapil Sharma Starting His show 2nd Season(The Kapil Sharma Show)

How much Kapil Sharma earn per episode?

The Kapil Sharma can earn 70lakh to 80 lakh per episode

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