Untold story of Bear Grylls mainly known as Man Vs Wild.

Watch Bear Grylls Man Vs Wild

Watch Bear Grylls

Watch Bear Grylls

The situation is not in our favor but for fighting that situation is best known by Bear Grylls no matter if is it hot send or Cold Mountain whether it is in jungle or windstorm in sea Bear Grylls is the perfect person to fight with that situation. Bear Grylls is the master of facing the tough situation. Today we discuss how Bear Grylls fighting with the most difficult situation in life.

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The early life of Bear Grylls

Bear Grylls was born on 7 June 1974  his real name is Edward Michael Grylls. when Bear Grylls was a child his sister calls him Bear. Now Edward Michael Grylls to make his name as Bear Grylls. Bear Grylls start like the adventure in his early age when he was a kid. Bear Grylls like the adventure in mountains and go to Sea in a ship.

 He is the member of the royal board with his father. In early age, Bear Grylls knows skydiving. Bear Grylls won a black belt in Karate. Bear Grylls like Mount Everest very much and that's the reason any complete his school he wanted to join the Indian Army because he wanted to go over to the Mount Everest. Due to political reason, this thing was not to happen. 

Now Bear Grylls decided to join Britain mystery agency MI5 but to join the MI5 A person should know the Spanish and German language. To know the Spanish and German language Bear Grylls start studying at the University of Western England and also study in German. in college time of Bear Grylls and his friend give the test to join the British army and Bear Grylls is the only person to pass in this tough test.

An accident that can change Bear Grylls life

 In 1994 Bear Grylls was selected for British army 21 SAS Regiment. Bear Grylls is very popular in the British army for his unique survival skills and his bravery. He always performs better than other soldiers.

 Everything was right in Bear Grylls life. But time will not same in all time sometime it is good sometimes it is bad this is the same happen with Bear Grylls.

1996 during the mission Bear Grills  Freefall parachuting from the 4900-meter height he wanted to open the parachute but he could not open properly and for bad parachute landing Bear Grylls moving round and round and pull down in rocks.

This accident was too bad and Bear Grylls left his Army job. Bear Grylls backbone was crack from 3 joints. A doctor said that he never walk in his feet again. Bear Grylls will sleep in the bed for many weeks and many months. For doing anything Bear Grylls wants to help from another person. Many people think that everything is finished for Bear Grylls.

 For a normal person, it is tough to go away in this situation but Bear can make with another soil his body did not work what his mind is still working. Bear Grylls hang the poster of Mount Everest in his room and he will start planning to accomplish his childhood dream. After long treatment, Bear Grylls start walking.

How Bear Grylls life was the change

After the bad time, close Bear Grylls think that he will never repeat those mistake again and give survival tips to other people.

Bear Grylls become famous when he doing the show Man versus Wild in Discovery channel.

It was the turning point of Bear Grylls life.

In Man Vs Wild show Bear Grylls can do many things like paragliding sky riding  , how to survive in jungle how to survive in mountains how to survive in sea and many more things this show is the number one show in the Discovery channel people can follow this show many people can watching this show on TV and their mobiles many people become great inspiration to see this show.

Many people are in shock when they watching Man versus Wild.

In our life, we can take many decisions that we don't like but in the future, we live that it is a great decision.

Last Line

World Record set by Bear Grylls.

Bear Grylls set the world record that can never be done by any person in history.

 Within 18 months when he starts walking in his feet once again he accomplishes his childhood dream to go to the Mount Everest and climb the mountain on 16 May 1998. 

Bear Grylls becoming the first British person to climb the mountain Mount Everest in the age of 23 years which is the world record.

 Bear Grylls cross the Thames River with the help of bathtub without any clothes who won the prize money for his friend who lost his one leg in mountaineering.

In 2007 at the top of Himalaya Bear Grylls go to para ride with the help of paramotor 4400-meter height flying away to 9000-meter height and go to 0 degree Celsius to minus 4 degree Celsius which is the World Record.

Before that, 6000-meter height was the world record.

Nobody can ever be flying with the help of paramotor in 9000 M height the only person is Bear Grylls.

Bear Grylls goes to the more height than the Mount Everest where a person should be dead due to an absence of oxygen.

In 2008 Bear Grylls clamp the mountains where nobody can go.

The all money that he can accomplish through mountains he will donate this all money to the charity.

When Bear climbing the mountain his left shoulder was injured but he did not give up.

Bear Grylls also holds the record of longest indoor Freefall.

Bear Grylls is a  great inspiration for all of us we can learn many things from Bear Grylls especially never give up.

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