Unknown facts about Mona Lisa painting.

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There are many few people in the world who should memorize for their work even after their death. one of them the famous artist Leonardo da Vinci . in Italy Leonardo da Vinci is known as the scientist and artist. He should remember for his Great full painting. he is one of the most talented people in the world. Leonardo da Vinci was born on 15 April 1452 in Italy. friends as you know the name of Leonardo da Vinci and the death of Leonardo da Vinci was a mystery. today we discuss his world-famous painting and mystery painting Mona Lisa. In this world, the most famous and mysterious painting is Mona Lisa. this painting can Force all the world to think. I know when you hear the name of Mona Lisa there are many questions in your mind. Today I try to answer all the questions.


Lets Start 

Many people believe that when we see the Mona Lisa painting at every different angle the smile should be changed. many people said that this painting has many mysteries and how the people cannot see the alien in the Mona Lisa painting in 500 years. Today we try to open all the mystery of Mona Lisa painting. Mona Lisa painting does not draw in any paper or any clothes Mona Lisa painting is drawing in a wood piece and today this wood is used in skating boards. Mona Lisa painting can be drawn from 1503 to 1519. that means Leonardo da Vinci can draw this painting in 16 years but it is not complete because at the process of this painting Leonardo da Vinci was dead. In reality, this painting name is not the Mona Lisa actually it is a spelling mistake. The real name of this painting is Monna Lisa. In Italy, the meaning of Mona Lisa is my lady. Mona Lisa painting is very much liked by French rural Napoleon Bonaparte. that's the reason he can hanging this painting in his bedroom.

     Things that should be know 

  1.  Leonardo da Vinci can like Mona Lisa painting is more than any painting.
  2.  when he goes anywhere he can take Mona Lisa painting with him. 
  3. When da Vinci starts Mona Lisa painting he is 51 years old.
  4. In 1797 Mona Lisa painting was seen in Paris Museum but nobody knows we are this painting is come from.
  5. 21 August 1911 Mona Lisa painting was stolen in the museum. After 10 years Mona Lisa painting was found once again.
  6.  In 1951 a man can throw a piece of stone in the Mona Lisa painting and a mark can create in the Mona Lisa left-hand elbow. 
  7. For Mona Lisa painting Lauvr museum has created a unique room. The temperature of this room is like that they cannot harm the Mona Lisa painting. 
  8. To create this unique room museum can stand up to 500 crore rupees. This painting is in the underproduction of bullet glass

     World record by Mona Lisa painting

14 December 1962 the price of Mona Lisa painting is 100 Million Dollar means 690 crore Indian rupees. 

In today the price of Mona Lisa painting is 790 Million Dollar means 5,380 Crore Indian rupees.

     Mystery Behind the painting

Leonardo da Vinci never said that who is the woman in the painting and he never writes about this painting women in his book there is no clue. Friends in our mind there is only one question who is the women in the Mona Lisa painting. The first scientist says that when Leonardo da Vinci can draw this painting he thinks about his mother he will trying to draw his mother face in this painting. Many scientists say that Leonardo da Vinci can see himself in that painting as a woman when he draws this painting but that all things are the lie. If we try to see that time person when this painting was drawn no person was matching with this painting. question is still in our mind who is Mona Lisa. To tell the truth we can explain the mystery story of Leonardo da Vinci. Leonardo da Vinci friends can write a letter to him that can found in 2005. according to this letter it was written in October 1503. when this letter was written at that time da Vinci work on the painting of his friend Francesco La Joconde. Francesco La Joconde wife name is Mona Lisa La Joconde. Birth of his Second Son and new home joy Francesco La Joconde said to his friend Leonardo da Vinci to create his wife Mona Lisa La Joconde painting.

     The result that comes

At the basis of this letter Leonardo da Vinci can work upon Mona Lisa painting but we are not sure that the Mona Lisa painting was the painting of Mona Lisa La Joconde the wife of Francesco La Joconde.

 A scientist said that the expression of Mona Lisa La Joconde did not match with the painting Mona Lisa. In 2004 the scientist name Pascal Cottee he has check Mona Lisa painting with spectrum high-intensity light and with the help of multi-lens camera Technology.

He can create many layers of painting and the result that can happen shock the world. The paint that can use by the Leonardo da Vinci in the Mona Lisa painting the thickness of that paint is  40 micrometer means less than a hair.

Mona Lisa painting has 3 strata. In the Mona Lisa painting, there is also another person painting with her and the shocking thing is that the painting match with Monalisa La Joconde painting.

Leonardo da Vinci has created the painting of Monalisa LA Joconde what he did not like the face of her and da Vinci can modify the painting and create Mona Lisa picture upon that painting.

     Things that can shock the world

The University of Sunderland comes with his volunteers and can survey on the painting of Mona Lisa. 

The result that comes when we watching the painting of Mona Lisa through a distance the painting seems to smile but when we seem his lips the painting is down towards both side and Mona Lisa seems to be sad. 

Leonardo da Vinci has used a technique when he creates this painting the name of the technique is sofumotu In this technique there is no using of an outline. no human body can do this technique at that perfection that da Vinci had done.

 When we see the eye of the Mona Lisa it seems to be happy but when we see the lips of Mona Lisa it seems too sad. Mona Lisa painting has also a hidden message. Leonardo da Vinci very well knew the art of hidden message. 

     Last Line 

The message is" La Risposta Si Trova Qui". the meaning of that word is the answer is here. means that the mystery of that painting comes to an end because we know the address of that place in this painting. 

Many people trying to know the mystery but nobody can successful. Few days a popular website Paranormal Crucible has said that the mystery people in Mona Lisa painting are an alien. it quite very difficult to believe.

 if we join the left side of Mona Lisa painting with the mirror then we see an alien face in Mona Lisa painting and the alien picture seem in Mona Lisa painting where the Leonardo said that answer is here.

Friends in this article we can Discuss the World Famous the most Historic The Mystery painting Monalisa. If you have any question regarding this post you can ask me in the comment.

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