How to start ecommerce business with amazon?

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Amazon New Website

If you can do a good thing and you can not give credit for that work then never doing a new thing. if you are not obstinate then you are tired of doing new things. These words said by the person who defeated Bill Gates and becomes the richest man in the world Jeff Bezos. He is the founder of Amazon eCommerce and the owner of Amazon eCommerce. Everybody knows the name of Amazon. 20 years ago The E-Commerce Amazon side was launched. Today the Amazon is the world number 1 retailer company. This is the story of Jeff Bezos who is the owner and founder of Amazon eCommerce company. Jeff Bezos was born on 12 July 1964 in Albuquerque, New Mexico, United States. Jeff Bezos mother was 17 years old when Jeff Bezos was born. when Jeff Bezos was 3 years old his father left his mother and go away. when Jeff Bezos at 12 years he starting his interest in electronic things.

Lets Start

Highlights of Jeff Bezos life

Jeff bezos net worth,jeff bezos divoce with jeff bezos wife house jeff bezos worth jeff bezos net worth bill gates amazon jeff bezos world richest man richest man in the world mukesh ambani jeff bezos wife richest man in the world net worth of jeff bezos ambani net worth mark zuckerberg jeff bezos net worth in ruppes richest person in the world world richest person who is jeff bezos world richest man 2018 jeff bezos divorce jeff bezos age Jeff Bezos can create an alarm in his room that his brother did not come to his room without his permission. when Jeff Bezos was 4 years old a Mainframe computer first time come in his school. His teacher did not know how to use the computer at that time Jeff and his friends read the manual of the computer and Learn how the computer works.

For this great talent, Jeff receives a silver award and national merit scholarship at the University of Florida. Jeff Bezos did his graduation in Bachelor in computer science engineering at Princeton University.

After graduating college in 1986 New York, he gave a job. Jeff has too much love with books and he always read something in the books.

 April 1984 at web searching he knows the population of web users increases 2300% every year. then an idea can come in his mind to start on online business. For make his idea become true he left his job. This is a dangerous step for Jeff Bezos because he is just married. The question is still in Jeff Bezos mind what he can sell in the net.

Starting of Amazon

After long thinking, he decided for online bookselling. In  1996 Jeff Bezos starts his online company. Jeff first decided that his company name is but after 3 years he changed his company name as

 Jeff gives his company name Amazon because he knows that at alphabet way (a )comes first and searching time the side name comes first if it starting with (a). He decided the name Amazon the world biggest river because he wanted to Amazon become the world biggest bookselling other online company.

Jeff starts his website as an online book shopping store but in few times Amazon has many products like electronics, cosmetics, accessories, home furniture, and many more things. Jeff started his company at his home garage where three computers and three members are there. 
online Amazon software is developed by Jeff Bezos himself. 300000  dollar investment at starting time given by his mother and father in his company. At the starting time of the company, Jeff father asked him what is the internet. Then Jeff mother asked his father that we are investing money not on the internet but at our son.

 Jeff mother and father trust is 100% true and by the 6% share, they become Millionaires in 2000 .16 July 1995 Jeff start selling his book in Amazon.

How Amazon becomes the best selling side

 In the first day, Amazon can be selling his book in 50 United States and 45 other countries.

This work is not too easy to bend his knees to pack his books and sometimes Jeff goes to deliver the books.

 when Jeff pack the books he asked his team that does you know any idea to easily packing these book's then his member say yes we use the pillow when we band our knee then Jeff starts smiling and next day he bought some tables to packing the books. 

Due to Jeff hard works in September 20000 sale for Amazon in 2007 Amazon become the knowing brand for online shopping.

 The company turning point in 2007 when Amazon books e-reader comes in the market. with the help of an e-reader, people can download the book and easily read the book in the Amazon e-reader. 

November 2007 Kindle launched in a market 6 hours later Kindle all stock sells and show out of stock at 5 months. Due to Kindle reader Amazon occupy 95% e-book of America.

 Kindle makes too much profit for Amazon because there is no problem with buying a book. Due to the Kindle Amazon can save his money and attract more customers with Amazon.

what happened with Amazon when Amazon is starting there are only 3 members with it and now 300000 members are in the Amazon and Jeff Bezos become the richest person in the world.

Important lines

Jeff bezos net worth,jeff bezos divoce with jeff bezos wife house jeff bezos worth jeff bezos net worth bill gates amazon jeff bezos world richest man richest man in the world mukesh ambani jeff bezos wife richest man in the world net worth of jeff bezos ambani net worth mark zuckerberg jeff bezos net worth in ruppes richest person in the world world richest person who is jeff bezos world richest man 2018 jeff bezos divorce jeff bezos age
Jeff Bezos net worth
Jeff Bezos said that if you think about the long-term future then you make good decisions for your life and you never feel guilty about this decision.
Jeff always thinks about long-term future and minimum guilty feel business.
He always thinks that he does not feel guilty for leaving his job at the age of 60 years.
Jeff always knows that if he does not try anything he feels guilty about that it is the only reason he starts doing things and become successful.
when Jeff starts Amazon he did not have a proper budget for advertisement.
what when he becomes successful he decided to make a great add source.
This is the only reason that his friends and family members always talk about the best quality of Amazon.
Jeff made his product good as he can.
That's the only reason people can appreciate Amazon products and they can also marketing this product with their friends and family.

How to start a business with Amazon.

Friends do you know Amazon gives us the opportunity to start our business with Amazon.
To start the business with Amazon just follow these steps.
If you want to sell your product online then Amazon is the best way to do these things.
Document requirement for registration on Amazon.
1.Pan card. if you have a private limited company then you have the  Private Limited company PAN card.
2.GST number.
3.Bank Account current or saving.
4.Your email id.
5.Mobile Number.
First, go to and then click sell on Amazon.
Now you can see to business plans professional and individual.
Click on a professional business plan. Now click on register now.
Now an option is coming to create an account you can create your account.
In the next option, you can fill your business name.
Then enter your mobile number for verification.
Now enter seller information and your store name must be unique.
Then select your business type. then enter your pin code your business address then enter your city and click on continue.
When you click on continuing Amazon show you that the shipping of Amazon in your area is available or not.
If your location does not have Amazon shipping service then you can go to the third party for your shipping.
Now enter your GST number and PAN card number. Now click on next
The other option coming is the seller interview where you can select the information about your product to sell in which category.
For example, you can select a kitchen home and other things.
then you add the information about where do you get product from. then select your annual turnover and how many products you can sell in a year. then another option is come that you can sell your product on other sides if you can sell your product on another side then click yes and if you do not then click no.
now click on next now you see the option of the product listing. click on start listing then you go to the add a product page now you can search any product in the Amazon and listed this product in your Amazon panel.
Now the second option is set shipping rates where you can select the courier charges of the customer who can want to buy your product.
There are two types of shipping used in Amazon first is self-shipping and other is the easy ship.
Then the third option is to enter bank details.
Then IV option is to enter Tax details fast is your PAN number and second is your GST number.
Then V option is product tax code where you can select the tax of your product.
Then the last option is to upload your digital image signature it is because when your product is the sale the signature in last of your product is your signature.
Now click on launch your business.
Now your Amazon seller Center account is open where you can see all the detail of your product everything about your product.

Amazon customer care number.

1. Go to Amazon app click on customer service
2. Now click contact us you can see the option of call customer service and SMS customer service.
3. Click on call customer service for many issues like my order, return and refund, payment issue, Prime membership, and many other options.
4. You can choose multiple languages to talk like Hindi Marathi Tamil English China French all world language.
5. Select your country and select your language.
6. Enter your number and click on call me now.
your call will be directly sent to the customer care service of Amazon.
you can call directly to Amazon Customer care the toll-free number of Amazon customer care is 180030009009.

Amazon Prime

1. If you join Amazon Prime membership there is no delivery charge taken by you for example if you purchase 400 rupees product there is no delivery charge.
2. The ordered product will be delivered to your address within 24 hours.
3. If you are Amazon Prime member you get notification of the sale or budget products first then a simple customer.
4. Friends, you can get Amazon Prime membership with 500 rupees for one year.
5. If you buy 15 or more product from Amazon in a year then this is the best offer you should be paid for Amazon Prime membership and get the great discount.

Amazon Prime membership for video movies

1. Friends you can watch the movie in the Amazon Prime app.
2. Friends, you should be paid 999 rupees for watching Amazon prime videos.
3. Amazon Prime is founded on 2 February 2005.
4. In April 2018 Amazon has 100 million subscribers worldwide.

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