Homemade treatment of cancer with natural resources.

Quimioterapia Cancer Ayurveda 

Cancer is a very dangerous disease due to cancer many people can die. Many patients have cancer-related diseases. Due to the lack of knowledge about cancer, we cannot know when it can happen to us. That is the only reason we cannot save the patient life. when you go to the toilet and there is blood come in your toilet then it is the starting stage of cancer and maybe it is the infection. At that time you should go to the doctor. if you have a problem like your food not digest then go to the doctor. Due to cancer, there is a lot of hair loss. This hair loss is because of the heavy medicine that can give at the time of cancer that is the only reason that cancer patient can cut his hair before the cancer treatment.

Lets Start

Cancer is increased day by day many humans have cancer-related issues. There are many varieties of cancer.

Types of Cancer.

1. Breast Cancer

 The fastest growing cancer is breast cancer. Friends, firstly you know about the breast cancer. Today we discuss breast cancer. Cancer can occur in any part of our body or any cell of our body. our body cell can change into a cancer cell. if the breast cell is changed into a cancer cell then it is the starting point of breast cancer. Friends you should we know about breast cancer in starting point. Do you know the month of October is known as awareness of breast cancer? Breast cancer incident increase day by day. due to the change in our diet breast cancer increase day by day. breast cancer is a dangerous disease who is the symptom shows at last. According to WHO  World Health Organisation in 2012 1.45 lakh new cases occur in breast cancer-related issue. 70% of women are died due to breast cancer because 70% of women when came to doctor it is the final stage of breast cancer. when breast cancer appear there is no pain in women body.

2. Metastatic Cancer: 

Metastatic Cancer mostly occurs in the girls. The celebrity Sonali binder also suffers from the metastatic cancer patient. She got treatment in America. if there is a back pain in your body then there is a chance of metastatic cancer. if there is a pain in your stomach then it is also a chance of metastatic cancer. cancer occurs firstly in our body cells that part is known as primary spot. When these cell occurs in other part and becomes tumor it is called metastatic cancer. The nature of primary cancer and metastatic cancer is the same. metastatic cancer occurs in The Fourth Stage of cancer. metastatic cancer is a serious stage it means cancer occurs in the human body is very strong and goes full part in our body.

3.Liver Cancer: 

Liver Cancer is also known as Hepatic Cancer. it occurs in the liver. the liver is the second biggest part of our body. if the human can vomiting many times then it is the starting point of liver cancer. when you eat food and there is a pain in your stomach then it is also a starting point of lung cancer. if your body feels lazy without doing any work then it is the starting point of a lung cancer. The symptom can be divided into three parts first when it occurs in lungs second when it occurs in the chest third if lung cancer occurs in other parts of the body. our body weight loss without any reason then it is the occurrence of lung cancer. it mostly happens due to the tumor. when we a cough and blood comes in our mouth it is also the sign of liver cancer.

4.Blood Cancer: 

Blood Cancer occurs in children's man and woman and any type of age person.  50  years ago a person who has blood cancer he should die there is no treatment. But today science can discover the treatment of blood cancer. Polluted air is the main cause of blood cancer. Pain in the bones is also the reason for blood cancer. Less hemoglobin in human body cell is also the starting of blood cancer. Blood cancer occurs for three reasons.

5.Bone cancer: 

If you have a lot of pain in your bones without any reason that it is the starting point of bone cancer. if you have a swapping in a night without doing any hard work then it is also the starting sign of bone cancer. Bone cancer occurs first in longer born part of our body. if your bone is fracture for normal cramps then it is the sign of bone cancer you can immediately go to the doctor. Due to the increase in the tumor, the weight of a body decreases it is the sign of bone cancer. if you have uncle problem without any reason it is the sign of bone cancer.

 Ayurveda Treatment of Cancer

Last Words

  1. Drink cow toilet with water it helps to destroy cancer from your body.
  2. Drink goat milk very useful to destroy cancer from your body.
  3. Eating grapes also reduce cancer in your body.
  4. Kiwifruit is also the best way to reduce cancer.
  5. Eat 250-gram fresh curd daily in a day it can also help to reduce cancer.
  6. Get up early in the morning and take a sunbath it can reduce bone cancer.
  7. Do not do smoking when you are a cancer patient.
  8. Do yoga daily in the morning.
  9. Do not drink alcohol if you are a cancer patient.
  10. Eat healthy food daily.
  11. Green tea is the best treatment for cancer.
  12. Consuming garlic on a regular basis can help prevent cancer.
  13. Consuming cayenne pepper is toxic to cancer cells.
  14. Milk thistle and the seeds from the plant is used to get rid of toxins is good for reducing cancer.
  15. Take one spoon custody in milk daily it is very helpful to reduce cancer.
  16. Use of bloodroot also reduces cancer it is the best home treatment for the cancer patient.
  17. Consuming one tiny glass of wheatgrass in a day is a good day for cancer patient health.
  18. Butchers Broom is too good for fighting with cancer.
  19. Sheep's  Sorrell can we used in people who are suffering from the harmful effect of cancer medicine.
  20. Eating Blueberry and Raspberry can reduce cancer.
  21. Eat tomato daily or using tomato in your cooking things.
  22. Eat Dark chocolate it can also help to reduce cancer. it helps us to fight with cancer cells and also good for the heart.
  23. Turmeric is good for reducing cancer add turmeric to your food dish which can also help to reduce cancer.
  24. Drink carrot juice daily it is the best treatment for the cancer patient.
Friends in this topic we can discuss the types of Cancer, what is cancer and Ayurveda treatment of Cancer in a home, I hope friends you can like this article if I have missed anything or you to ask anything you can write in the comment.

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